Top 3 MMORPG AND MMO’s of 2015. Pick Your Games Wisely!


Whether it be a MMORPG, MMOG or MMWG they all have tough competition in 2015. As the graphics are becoming more and more detailed, the games are becoming more strategically complex. I prefer browser games versus the downloadable because I just don’t want to waste my gigs. Even though most of the downloadable has better graphics, I am willing to make some sacrifices. And well, android games are simply another topic for another day. The top free online games of 2015 have made their mark and are pleasing gamers everywhere, or are they? Here are my reviews on 3 MMOs that have been getting loads of reviews.
Skyforge In Beta

Skyforge is a free MMORPG is currently in beta mode and the full edition will be launched in November. I like this game because it has great graphics and the storyline seems good. It is still in the beta mode so not expecting it to be nearly as good now as it should be in November. I am not fond of the PvP and it seems to be a long line. The game reminds me of ST online. I enjoyed the maps and overall I think this is a fair game.


Tera Not Rising To The Challenge

Another MMORPG that everyone seems to rave about is Tera Rising. The 3D graphics have me in a trance as I am shocked they are so bad! I like how you can create your own characters. I do find that the community is lacking in this game and I play mostly alone, which to me is a big turn-off because it has so much potential. Sadly, the 2 hours it took to download made me restless. All-in-all the story line was good enough to keep my attention for a while even after the Wonderholm patch. I also find that with most online games you have to spend money to make money.


Bigpoint Is On Point

Bigpoint’s MMO Drakensang has the best graphics overall and I like it because it is a browser game. The scenery is breathtaking from the swamps to the caves. The character classes are awesome because of the skill set and the challenging quests! This game is packed with hours of playing and I did not get bored even once. The PvP was the best of all three as you can challenge other players and definitely had a bigger player base than any I’ve played yet.


This year, I know I am stuck to my computer as I cannot get enough of Drakensang. I may have to spend some dough, but these days it seems like if you want the best top free online game you will have to inevitably spend some money. As for the others, I’m just waiting to play the open version of Skyforge. My friends think I’m nuts, though, because I didn’t enjoy the graphics as much on Tera Rising because they are still lacking finesse. Sadly, I am now becoming a fan of android games and feel that soon pc online games will be a thing of the past as the androids become more powerful.