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Using Melanotan 2: A How-to Guide

Melanotan 2 can be of great help if you plan on tanning your skin. Upon use, this artificial hormone is popular for causing a reaction inside the body to deliver a natural tan. This substance is an effective tanning agent that can deliver a dramatic tanned body without necessitating exposure to the sun, and ultimately, reducing the risk of damage that excessive exposure to UV may bring about.

Many folks in the body building community may already be familiar with the part that melanotan 2 plays in the promotion of a darker complexion of the skin. Yet, melanotan 2 has so many more benefits.

Melanotan 2 History
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Researchers at the University of Arizona were the first to create melanotan 2 as a peptide for minimizing the risk of cancer. The scientists succeeded as they discovered that melanotan 2 may promote the production of natural melanin, a chemical that protects the skin and organs from the damage that the sun’s ultraviolet radiation may cause. As an extra benefit, it was realized that the chemical could also enhance libido in people that didn’t find Viagra useful. It was also realized that the product could suppress appetite as well as help reduce weight.
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Why Use Melanotan 2

When you’re an expert body builder who’s competitive on stage, you know that getting ready requires an amount of time and attention to detail. You’re probably already muscled up and defined, but all that can be amplified by a great tan that makes lines and definitions more prominent and evident to the beholders, including judges and the audience. Now that melanotan 2 is available, bodybuilders can use it to promote the production of natural melanin while also steering clear of the potential hazards of the sun’s UV radiation. When the product is applied alongside a peptide regimen prior to a show, it’ll enhance melanin levels, bringing about a darker and more tanned skin pigmentation.

Usage and Dosage Info

Since melanotan 2 is delicate, you should keep in a place that’s dry and away from possible exposure to light. But the effective use of this tanning product is dependent on the identification of the right skin type. There may be different types of skins, but a simplified classification can help understand your type.

If your skin is fair and barely tans, try 5-6 vials. A fair skin that burns but occasionally tans may do with 3-4 vials. Try 2-3 vials for a skin that burns sometimes although always tanning.

Thus, melanotan 2 can help with body tanning, appetite reduction, weight loss, and libido improvement.