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Airport Travel and Airport Security

Airports are a well-accepted entry point where people converge. People in airports are either entering the country or leaving it and this mixture of people converging in the place come from different cultural backgrounds and with different concerns. Airport operators can make a smoother traffic in airports if they are able to analyze people’s behavior while in it. So an important task of an airport designer is to give more utility services to the people so that whatever concerns these people may have, will be accommodated while they are at the airport. There is something to traveling that makes people tense or hostile and no matter how often you have done this, been to airports, rode airplane, there is still an element of unexpected surprise or startling alarms that can mar you otherwise pleasant trip.

Airport operators face the challenges of securing the place not only so as to keep the airport safe but also to be on the alert for other risks such as health risks when people bring in disease that can contaminate the whole city, risk of smuggled goods and contraband, and the risk of terrorists hijacking a plane or doing attacks on the vicinity itself.

In the minds of people, these are the things to keep alert about, not only by the travelers but most especially by the airport operators.
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By contrast, the aviation industry has from time imemorial always been at luger-head with the people behind the airport facility for while on the one hand these people are thinking “risk” the aviation industry is thinking “increasing traveler’s expectation and confidence”. A traveler, you see, is caught up between these two and all its fuss. There is actually a way to beat the system. Today, the US Customs and Border protection services allow expedited clearance for travelers that are pre-approved and low risk.
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What you need to do is simply to apply and undergo a complete background check using their criminal, customs, immigration, law enforcement, and terrorist database, plus a ten-fingerprint law enforcement check and a personal interview with the custom and border protection officer. You need to pay a fee of over a hundred dollars and you will get a SENTRI status good for 5 years; SENTRI actually stands for secure electronic network for traveler’s rapid inspection. As a global entry member, your major benefit is being pre-approved to enter the U.S. from a variety of entry points without having to go through the normal lines. In addition, you will not be required to present any paper since everything is taken cared of electronically. All you information are already in their database.

This program is now also being used in other countries that allow travelers to skip normal security lines and save traveling time.