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What Causes Salary Differentials between Professionals in the Health Sector? Members of the telemetry technician profession are specialists in the remote monitoring of the heart’s electrical activity and have experienced tremendous job growth over the past several years due to the growing prevalence of cardiac illness secondary to poor dietary and lifestyle behaviors being practiced by many people around the World. The widespread presence of diseases such as diabetes and obesity has made cardiac illness a pressing public health issue and has resulted in the hiring of a number of new cardiovascular care professionals including the telemetry technician. The demand for professionals has continued to grow, therefore their compensation is also expected to grow. It has been the norm in the health sector that its professionals get above average compensation. The number of people seeking professional health care services and at the prevalence of chronic diseases are increasing day by day. Many people are getting into the medical system, and as a result, more health professionals need to be hired. This leads to more competitive pay and greater diversity in employment options. A technician was averagely paid $55,000 in the year 2014. The amount of money that any one particular employee can expect to earn is dependent on many different factors. Although telemetry technicians can safely assume that their earning potential will continue to increase at a healthy pace over the next several years, there are a number of variables that should be considered when attempting to develop present-day projections. It is not possible to compensate someone who has been working in this sector for a long time in the same way who has just been employed. It is required that the new technicians should first acquire the necessary knowledge and experience through taking the relevant courses and therefore, they will begin at a lower salary.
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The are also other factors to consider apart from experience, education and certification when it comes to determining a telemetry salary range such as the number of facilities as well as the region one is working. In regions where there are few healthcare facilities competing for employees, the amount of salary to be paid by technicians in this region will be low. Since there is a very high competition for employees in urban areas it is more likely that the salaries offered here will be very high. Telemetry specialists living in rural areas may be advised to move if they want to have a higher pay.
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Another aspect that may cause difference in pay differentials may be the position one holds in the organization. A telemetry professional who has administrative roles is likely to earn more than one who only has clinical roles alone.