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3 RV Camping Safety Tips You Should Know

Adventuring the great outdoors can prove to be a worthy vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But because many of us have grown accustomed to the convenience of civilized living, trekking the wild for even just a weekend can be very uncomfortable and tiring. Fortunately, there is now a way for us to enjoy all the wonders of the outdoors without being too far from home, and that can be done with RV camping. Before you jump on board and make your way to your newest adventure, you should take some time to plan your RV camping trip. Take note of these RV camping safety tips to find out how to enjoy your time and still keep your loved ones safe from harm’s way.

1. Know Your Electrical Load – Because of the limited electrical capacity of an RV, you can’t plug as many gadgets and electronics as you want all at the same time. Before you board your RV, be sure to find out how many amps it can handle at any single time. For example, an RV that can give out 30 amps can’t handle simultaneous use between a 20 amp air conditioner and a 14 amp toaster. Understanding the amps that your RV allows will provide you a better idea of what electronics you can use at the same time and what others will have to wait for later.

2. Compute the Distance – Many of those who travel with RVs plan their route through some of the most remote areas of the country. If you plan to take some remote roads and rural routes, you should know that there aren’t going to be very many gas stations during your trip. With that in mind, you should be sure to pack enough gas to take you where you need to go in the absence of a gas station. Replenish your supply as soon as you find a station or when you get to your destination. Generally, you will want to have more than you need in case of any troubles.

3. Find out More about the Fauna – RV camping has become popular because it provides the chance to get close to nature without really taking you away from those conveniences and comforts that you love and enjoy. However, if it’s your goal to get up close and personal with wild life during your trip, you should be responsible enough to do some research. There are insects that can poison you and threaten your health, and there are animals that can simply rip through your RV in search of food. Learn more about the fauna that you’ll find at your destination and do what you can to keep yourself a safe distance away from trouble.

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