Get Away From it All in Forster Without Driving Too Far From Sydney

Forster and the rest of the NSW Great Lakes region is a perfect example of why Australia is a water activity lover’s paradise. Located in the Great Lakes region, about 3 hours north of Sydney, Forster has everything for fresh water or salt water sports enthusiasts.

There is nothing secret about the great fishing that can be found in the Forster area: it was originally settled by fishermen. If you like oysters, then you’ll love visiting Forster-Tuncurry. Wallis Lake, which separates the two towns, is a big oyster farming center and you can buy them fresh or freshly prepared in Forster and Tuncurry. In 1959, a bridge was constructed over Wallis Lake. Now the two towns are jointly administered and officially called “Forster-Tuncurry,” but most people still refer to the whole area as Forster.

When surfers head off in that direction, they rarely say they are going to one of the many great surfing spots in the Forster-Tuncurry region. They just say they’re “going to Forster.” Odds are, in the course of the weekend, they will start at One Mile Beach, one of the easiest and most consistent spots, but after that, they will explore the rest of the 28 mile (45 kilometer) coast to see what their favorite out of the way “secret spot” has on offer.

Many of the best surfing beaches in the Forster area are located near the long, narrow Booti Booti National Park. In some places along Lakes Way, you feel like you’re balanced on a tightrope between the Tasman Sea and Wallis Lake as you pass through Booti Booti National Park. Just outside the park’s boundaries are some fantastic holiday spots that just happen to be where some of the best surfing spots are located.

Boomerang Beach is a favorite destination for all water lovers, as are Bluey’s and Elizabeth Beaches. From these charming villages, you are virtually at the water’s edge and just a stone’s throw from Wallis Lake. This part of the Forster region is a real fisherman’s paradise. From his base at Boomerang, he can go rock and beach fishing in the morning and evening or spend the day fishing for trout on the lake. Surfers can always count on finding good waves somewhere along one of these beaches.

If you could travel in a straight line from Boomerang Beach to Seal Rocks, you could be there in minutes. Smiths Lake stands between the two, though, so it takes a little longer. Much of the drive is through untouched bushland, so getting there is an adventure in itself. That’s part of the magic of the Forster area, though. You can be in a bustling community with great amenities one minute and feel like you’re exploring a wilderness the next. If you love the great outdoors, but like the comforts of home, then Forster is ideal.

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