Agriculture & Forestry in Los Angeles, Ca

Agriculture and forestry are two critical industries in Los Angeles. Though it is one of the largest industrial cities in the U.S., LA was once known as the ‘breadbasket’ for the surrounding area. As industrialization grew, this focus waned and the city is currently 28th in agricultural production, with a gross production value of $278 million in 2005. In terms of forestry, the Angeles National Forest gives local residents a chance to enjoy a wide variety of outside activities.

The online yellow pages directory details the many industry-related businesses in the agricultural and forestry areas at Industry categories include agricultural supplies, forest product dealers, forestry services, and wildlife services, among others.

All of those activities are available to those to visit the aforementioned national park. Fun activities like hunting and trail walking are great for youngsters, most who of whom have grown up with their faces plastered to a television screen. Having a part in giving rise to an appreciation for the beauty of nature in the young is the first step to preserving the environment, as perhaps some will carry forward that feeling into adulthood.

In addition, fishing, in particular is a great way to build patience in the young. It isn’t easy to get a fish to bite on the hook, like one can instantly get ready food at a fast food restaurant. It can take hours of calm, quiet reflection to catch a really good fish that later will adorn the dinner table. Interested parties can find out more about such agricultural and forestry activities in Los Angeles, CA at

Hunting is another agricultural-related skill that park visitors can partake in. Though some have raised objections about animals being killed with guns, in essence it is the same activity as fishing. Besides, millions of cattle are harvested each year to feed the ravenous American diet for hamburgers. A list of agricultural consultants who can provide more information on these topics can be found at

Perhaps the biggest reason to visit the park is the opportunity to camp there. There is nothing quite like going to sleep with a ceiling of green trees and an open sky. With so many oxygen-cleaning plants around, it allows for the delivery of fresh air to lungs that are starving for it. In fact, it is sometimes hard to get back to city life and the serious issues of fog and smog, especially in the Los Angeles area.

Plentiful recreation trails provide another source of enjoyment in nature. If one is lucky, forest dwellers such as foxes, deer and groundhogs can be seen in their natural habitats. Known collectively as wildlife, the many species can be studied through the Los Angeles Wildlife Services, listed at

Two very large industries, timber and logging, also have a connection to the agricultural and forestry fields. Although controversial, to a degree, millions across the nation enjoy the benefits of having cut wood available for a multitude of home-related building projects. If some trees need to be culled in order to make such products available, not many would argue about the ethics involved in cutting down a natural resource.

Though agriculture and forestry are not the first things that come to mind when thinking of Los Angeles, CA, both are important pieces of the city and state?s character, and wise residents do not neglect to take advantage of them.