All Inclusive Resorts and Hotels in Costa Rica and Dominican Republic

All-inclusive vacations are much cheaper than paying everything separately. It is also a great time to relax and have quality time for your family.

An all-inclusive vacation is ideal for families and for couples who’s in their honeymoon. This is also good for those who are so-called “adventure travelers”, nature lovers, and those who need relaxation and rest. Costa Rica offers some of the affordable and best accommodation when it comes to all-inclusive resorts and hotels.

Being an all-inclusive resort or hotel means that all the amenities, activities, facilities, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, beverages, food and non-motorized water sports, are included in the package of the hotel or resort. There are also those who provide airport-hotel transfer, shuttle services and tours in this package. For the more luxurious types, a yacht is even part of the activities of the resort or hotel. The payment is usually either on per person per day or per room per week. This would all depend on the hotel or resort you want to stay in.

Hence, Costa Rica resorts offer good accommodations, free airport services, welcomes you with cocktails drinks, 24 hours meal service, children services, and gratuities. All-inclusive resorts or comprehensive resorts in Costa Rica present a variety of activities such as windsurfing, fishing, surfing, scuba diving, bird watching, snorkeling and so much more. It is a perfect place to have relaxing vacation. Their guest room cost an average amount of $345 US.

Listed below are some of the hotels and resorts that have all-inclusive accommodations in Costa Rica:

• Villa Estrella Del Mar All-inclusive Villa: This villa is located at Ocotal Guanacaste. The all-inclusive villa is a friendly and safe beach village and has an overlooking sight of the Pacific Ocean. This is a perfect vacation place for your family. It is also a good wedding reception venue and group vacation destination. They offer seven guestrooms with televisions and are even fully air-conditioned. It also has a package that includes free drinks, foods, and snacks. The average amount of this all inclusive villa is $95 US a night.

• Barranca Hotel fiesta: This attractive resort hotel comprises two hundred thirty rooms in its three-story building. They also have eighty seven ocean junior size beds and three sofa beds. Barranca Hotel offers unlimited drink and foods. In their restaurant, they also have free snacks, drinks and food. The average price of this all-inclusive villa is $98.

Thus, Dominican Republic has breathtaking attractive all-inclusive beach resorts. The resorts are known for their cultural and traditional services. The hotel staff ensures your tour in Dominican Republic is one hundred percent stress free.

Aside from this, some Dominican Republic resorts have limitless packages when it comes to food, drinks and snacks. Most of the resorts there are located near the natural waterfalls which remain as pleasant scenery to look at. The hotel staff frequently offers tours. This is in order for you to freely adore the attractive and panoramic sights and local attractions of Dominican Republic. Thus, all the resorts and hotels near the island are all-inclusive.

Listed below are some of the hotels in the Dominican Republic.

• All Inclusive Maxim Bungalows: This bungalow hotel is located at Puerto Plata in Dominican Republic. It’s an ideal place for wedding receptions, birthday celebrations or just simply for family vacations. They have restaurants that serve the guests unlimited breakfast, lunch and dinner. This bungalow hotel has seventy guestrooms with television, refrigerator and air-conditioner.

They serve free snacks such as cheesecakes, lollipops, frozen chocolates, Mojito Sno cones, and grapes. This all-inclusive bungalow costs an average rate of $69 US.

• Punta Cana All Inclusive Resort: This resort has a breathtaking view that covers over 16,000 miles of white sand beaches and a jungle place. It is a perfect location for guests who love adventure and surfing. It also has attractive places such as the green resort, organic vegetable place and herbs place. This all-inclusive resort offers free cultural and traditional food for the guests. It also offers a children daycare program for children ages four up to twelve years old. It also gives free horseback riding, water skiing, boat rides, crafts and games. Thus, the Punta Cana All Inclusive Resort has a low-price of $47 to 50 US.

• Playa Bayahibe All Inclusive: This Playa resort offers all-inclusive privileges. This is with its pools, beaches, warm tropical winds and gardens. The resort also offers free tropical drinks, some diet foods, snacks, and breakfast, along with lunch and dinner cuisines.

Aside from this, the resort’s location is also a well known spot for singles, couples and families. It has around 568 guestrooms, a beauty salon, hair dryer, a kid’s club, and a mini bar. It also has a massage therapy room, an unlimited room, coffee maker, and unlimited room services. The Playa all inclusive costs a minimum amount of $ 54 US per person per day.