Benefits Of Tourism


                  “Travel in the younger sort, is a part of education. In the elder a part of experience.” according to Francis Bacon. It satisfies the insatiable curiosity of man to know and explore the environment.

                   It was the curiosity that made many adventurous to undertake several tours over land and voyages over sea to discover new places. Thus Christopher Columbus discovered America and Vasco-da-Gama discovered India.

                   Tourism provides a welcome change from the monotony of daily life. It adds spice to the boring drudgery of life and refreshes and invigorates man. A trip to the seaside, or the mountains makes us rejuvenated with energy, helps us escape from the daily chores and encourages us to return to our work with redoubled strength and energy. Tourism is a very essential tonic in maintaining a healthy and happy life. The natural beauty of the tourist spots soothes and pleases our body, soul and mind. Quite often, the personal exchange of ideas became cultural bridges, leading to a long and lasting friendship.

          Tourism is also of great educational value, especially to the youngsters. Since eternity, man is characterized by his unquenchable thirst to know the unknown, and see the unseen. Several tourist spots in India like Delhi, Agra, Gwalior, Rajasthan, etc are great reservoirs of historical significance and attract throngs of tourists every year. We get to know many things while we make tours.

Firstly, the rich cultural heritage of a nation.

Secondly, the lifestyle and occupation of the residents.

Thirdly, the local cuisines.

Fourthly, the traditions, religion and customs of its inhabitants.

Last but not the least, our brains are filled up to the brim with knowledge of the various flora and fauna associated with place.

It gives insight to life and liberates us from the many prejudices and superstitions. The continuous learning induced by travel, and interactions with great scholars metamorphosed the society, to its present state of modernity. Even today our foray into space and the many celestial bodies like the moon and Mars, are lying to rest many age-old beliefs and superstitions that we have been blindly following. It is also for this reason, progressive schools take students for an excursion around the country, so that students develop a balanced and wholesome personality.

          A large portion of national revenue is generated by tourism. Annually, tourism plays a significant role in earning foreign exchange for the economy. The hotel industry and many other small- scale industries which are based on tourism are thriving. Tourism industry feeds thousands of people and is an important occupation for many.

          Tourism is of immense environmental value to a nation. The parks, beaches, roads and streets, trees, monuments, etc are beautified and a lot of expenditure is incurred to preserve and maintain them properly. Thus it leads to reforestation, reusing and recycling wastes and ensuring that the surroundings of a tourist spot are sparkling clean.

          Tourism is a unique tool of generating public awareness. It broadens our outlook to life and mould our personality by inculcating in us team spirit, leadership qualities, and above all makes us proud citizens of this great country.