Best Agencies That Hire LPN Travel Nurses

The Most Popular LPN Travel Agencies.

A LPN travel nurse will it may seem complicated to find valid travel nurse employment. You might feel defeated because you are told several times that “there just is not a lot of LPN work out there.” The fact is…is where you look. With that said, it is foolish to think that there is more LPN jobs than RN’s. The fact remains RN’s are in more demand Yet, through out the years LPN careers have increased due to the baby boom population getting older and our nurses are retiring. The old joke LPN stands for Low Paid Nurse. Some facillites will hire experienced LPN travel nurses because they are often more experienced than the new RN With all LPN travel positions you must find a representative because you have to work under and RN. However, to find these position you must have a representative. A company that will support you and market you to different employers. So, where do you find these companies? Well, there are tons of companies emerging and going bankrupt each day. The key is to find a reputable company that other LPN travel nurses have had successful contracts with and work well with you.

At a team has researched several LPN travel nurses and have came up with an up to date list for you to get started in a successful journey as a LPN travel nurse. Below is the top travel nursing employment agencies that we recommend. Please note if the agency is not listed there is a reason. If you have traveled with any of the companies below and have had a bad experience let one of our staff members know and we will up date our list when we fill that the agency does not met our criteria. The list is composed of LPN friendly attitude amoung the company

Medical Staffing Solutions
RN Network
Medical Staffing Network
Bridge Staffing
The Right Solutions
Favorite Healthcare Staffing
Cross Country
Nova Pro Staffing
Soliant Health

These are the most popular LPN travel agencies to get you started on your career in travel nursing employment . Always take in consideration that every company is different and change week to week. Bottom line is the relationship with you and your recruiter is vital. If you two don’t have a fantastic relationship move on. Despite what the lpn travel nurse buzz is, go with your gut instinct. You will have a fantastic travel experience if you do!