Best Budget Vacation Destinations

Who doesn’t love a great vacation? Unfortunately, vacations are as expensive as they are relaxing and fun. Statistics show that with the current economic crunch, fewer and fewer people are spending the money for a vacation. However, vacations can help reduce stress, giving you a valued break from your typical work and home responsibilities. Vacations do not have to be over the top and pricey. Check out this list of the best budget vacation destinations:

Disney World

On the surface, a trip to Disney World seems rather pricey, but if you are close enough to drive or fly there affordably, this is actually a great option. Disney wants to attract families of all sizes, so they have a number of pulled-together vacation packages that include hotel, transportation, and access to the park. You can even find packages that include meal plans and memorabilia allowances! Log onto their website today – and keep an open mind about the prices you see. They seem expensive at first, but do not forget that this is an all-inclusive vacation package – you will not have to spend another dime if you do not want to!

The Appalachian Mountains

If you love vacationing in the mountains, skip an expensive ski trip to the Rockies and consider the Appalachian Mountains in the east. They aren’t nearly as tall and impressive, but the skiing and camping options are still great and you’ll be able to find lodging at a fraction of the cost. The Pocono Mountains, part of the mountain range, found in Pennsylvania, is especially inviting to tourists. Many ski resorts along the entire range convert to water parks in the summertime, so this mountain getaway is great no matter what time of year it may be.

Delaware and Oregon beaches

When you want to go to the beach, you probably immediately think California on the west coast and the Carolinas on the east coast. However, think outside of the box and travel to some of the lesser-known states instead. You’ll find much more affordable deals in states like Oregon and Delaware. For example, you can easily find a peak-season beach house on Delaware’s Dewey or Rehobeth beach for under $1700 a week. When you consider that 10+ people can stay in a large house like those available at these beaches, it is not a bad price at all! The trick is to head to smaller beaches that are fairly close to your home – many of the beaches without boardwalks do not charge a fee to get on the sand. If you are not close to either coast, you can also consider heading to a local lake or river and you will still get that “fun in the sun” feeling, without spending an arm and a leg on traveling.

The Great Lakes Region

People usually think that states like Michigan are cold and do not cater to tourists, but the Great Lake region of the United States is beautiful during the summer. Costs in this area are much lower than in more popular destinations, like Virginia, but you can still have a great time on the water with sailing, jet-skiing, fishing, and other water sports. Hotels and food are typically less expensive as well, even during the tourist season, so it is a win-win situation.

Puerto Rico

Traveling nationally is always going to be less expensive than traveling internationally. If you have to take that trip to the Caribbean, consider choosing an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Rico. Like with a Disney trip, going all-inclusive may sticker-shock you at first, but remember – you won’t have to spend a single dime while you’re there. Most resorts even include free drinks, as well as tons of entertainment options. As an added bonus, you will not need a passport when traveling to Puerto Rico.

Remember, travel is not the only way to enjoy a vacation. You can also have a great low-budget vacation if you simply take one week off from work and relax in the comfort of your home. You may also choose to stay in a local hotel allowing you to visit the attractions of your own city. This allows you to get to know your own city again, while having the ability to sleep in. Pursue your favorite hobbies while checking out local tourist destinations, especially those that you loved as a child. Sometimes this is the best kind of vacation of all because in addition to being low-cost, it is also less stressful. You do not have to pay for transportation, you know where the best low-cost restaurants are located, and you do not have to spend days planning your trip.

A vacation is a great way to relax from the stress of your daily routine. There are several ways to plan a vacation depending on your destination and budget. You can choose from local beaches and landmarks to a more exotic location such as the Caribbean. Whichever type of vacation you choose; it will be a refreshing and rewarding experience for you and your family.