Best Websites to Book Discount Hotels in Europe

Hotels in Europe can be quite pricey especially in certain countries like France and the United Kingdom. That said, finding discount hotels in Europe is absolutely attainable especially if you know which Internet based travel companies offers the best room rates. The key to finding discount hotels in Europe is to look for a Internet based hotel reservation company based in Europe.

The first mistake travelers make is not booking their hotels through a company that does not specialize in any specific regional hotel market but rather a global hotel market. It is essential that you stick with a hotels’ only travel agency instead of a company that sells plane tickets, insurances, car rentals and many other travel related incidentals.

Local hotel reservation agencies in Europe are able to provide travelers with a much wider selection of hotel options and most importantly price ranges for all budgets. The reason why they are able to provide better hotel rates than the hotel itself is because they act as room wholesalers who receive a block of rooms at deep discounts offered to them by the hotels they represent.

Sometimes hotel accommodations throughout Europe need to fulfill a room quota to meet monthly costs. Whenever they know they will be coming short of that quota they will then issue a block of rooms with flash sales to hotel agencies. These agencies are much more easier to be found on the Internet by travelers and whenever they make a booking they will receive a part of the discount.

Now one of the best hotel agencies for booking hotels in Europe is and you’ve probably heard of them before since they are a very big hotel agency. But the reason why I recommend them is because they have offices located all over Europe with a main office in the Netherlands.

Another company that is offering really good discount rooms in Europe is Recently I have been recommending them for hotels in Asia only but for the past few years I have been getting a lot of feedback that their hotel rates for Europe now are very competitive.

Both companies are very reliable and each are partnered with over 85,000 hotels throughout Europe which is a whole lot more than companies like Travelocity, Hotwire and even Orbitz.

Europe based online hotel agencies are the way to go, whether you need a 2 star hotel in Brussels or a 5 star suite in London at last minute hotel rates makes sure to book local and you will get the best prices possible.