BP Oil Spill and Gulf Coast Vacations

With the BP oil spill washing up ashore in Louisiana and now heading towards the Gulf coast beaches of Florida, tens of thousands of people have had their vacation plans ruined. Many people have canceled their vacations in these areas and have not made other vacation arrangements.

Obviously, this is a big blow to the Louisiana and Florida economies. Not only will both these states be losing millions upon millions of dollars in tourism money, but think of the people that are going to possibly be out of a job. Fishermen can’t fish down their anymore, and if there are no tourist…hotels lose business and people that work at them get laid off. Bars and restaurants are in the same boat (no pun intended), along with so many other businesses not just in these areas, but around the world.

This is truly a bad situation for a lot of folks. The Louisiana and Florida economy is continuing to take a big hit. And not to take that lightly, but for the people that had to or are going to cancel their vacation plans down on or around the Gulf Coast, there are other options for you.

I know once you make your vacation plans you get excited and you start to zero in on what your going to do once you reach your destination. But there are so many vacation spots around the world. Don’t let this oil spill keep you from taking a vacation.

Don’t get discouraged, plan another vacation somewhere else this year. And you just might find a place you like even better than the Gulf coast. There are a ton of nice coastal cities around the world where you can have a great time vacationing as well as experience different cultures.