California Discount Skiing

California and its next-door neighbor Nevada are often overlooked when considering a ski vacation.  Usually people think of Colorado first when they think ski and riding in the United States. However California has been listing in Ski Magazines top 20 American resorts almost every year. This is because of the highly rated resorts terrain, challenge and facilities.  With no less than 12 world-class ski resorts and a yearly snowfall of around 350 inches, sunshine almost year round California is no doubt a destination to highly evaluate.

When putting your vacation package together always consider location and accessibility.  Always check the locations of you lodging, rental store, and ski resort with a utility like google maps to get accurate distances. Consider that the closer your rental store and lodging is in relation to your chosen ski resort the more expensive it will likely be, yet much more convenient. The key to deals with the airfare aspect to California is location accessibility. Luckily California has quite a few international airports available to you.  From San Francisco you can drive north to Lake Tahoe or South Lake Tahoe. From Los Angeles you can reach resorts in the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains. Mammoth Mountain on the east side of the Sierra Nevada’s is the only resort not within a decent drive distance from a International Airport and should be flown into directly, which is more pricey. To get the best deals on lodging consider location again. How close are you to the resort? The closer you choose to stay, say, ski in ski out, the more expensive it will be however you cant really beat stepping outside your door and hoping on a lift first thing in the morning with no drive or transportation necessary. When you are choosing your lodging make sure to ask how many rooms are available, what amenities are included. Do you get a kitchen? Which can save you cash on eating out. Do you get a fireplace? Make sure to get a number direct to the lodging from your package provider in case there is an issue.  Renting your skiing equipment is a good idea rather than purchasing especially if you don’t ski often. Traveling with ski equipment will not only cost you more on baggage but is considered oversized luggage and will take longer to put in and get out.  Again check locations of rental stores at your resort to find the most convenient in relation to cost. In the end remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!