Car Rental Los Angeles Tips for Foreign Nationals

Planning on renting a car on your next vacation in Los Angeles, California? Well, there is more to consider than driving on the left side of the road. From driving permits to liability insurance car rental Los Angeles can be daunting especially if you are a foreign national than renting in your local area.

To help you have a successful vacation in Los Angeles, here are some tips for getting a great car rental Los Angeles deal, right documentation and driving safely while abroad.

Choosing a vehicle

If you are with your family, then choose a vehicle that will serve the purpose or if you are traveling alone and light on the budget then choose a hybrid or a green car which has cheap car rental LA and lets you save on gas.

Booking a Car Rental LA

Always book in advance and you will save a few more dollars. It is usually expensive if you book a car 24 hours before pick-up. If possible, make all your car rental Los Angeles arrangements before leaving your home country. Booking and paying as early as possible will help you avoid unwanted circumstances upon your arrival.

Securing International Driving Permits (IDP)

To drive legally in Los Angeles, you must first obtain an IDP. This is to ensure that you have a valid driver’s license in your home country. This will permit you to drive vehicles in the US before you can get your US driver’s license.

Finding the right Car Rental LA Dealer

If you still have not found a reputable Car Rental LA Dealer, check out LAX Car Rental Los Angeles. The Company is locally owned and operated for 20 years. LAX Car Rental Los Angeles has been serving air travelers, tourists and local citizens with affordable and dependable auto transportation in the car capital of the world: LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA.

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These tips are surely easy to remember so, whenever you are planning on renting a car in LA just follow these simple guidelines and you will have a smooth and stress-free car rental LA experience.