New Horizons-South Bay: Senior Living At Its Best

One of the best-kept secrets in the South Bay is New Horizons-South Bay. This is a lush, peaceful, and sprawling community of proud and caring residents. Many of who have lived here since the complex was completed in the mid 60s. This was the first planned California Condominium Complex, with another New Horizons built near the same time just north of Santa Barbara.

The uniqueness in this community is the large amount of land the community is situated on. Built before land was at such a premium, the delightful one and two story buildings are scattered amongst beautifully landscaped grounds. All reminiscent of the condos in the Palm Springs area. To stroll through this complex on its winding pathways is a treat of its own. One gets the feel of small town, unhurried rural living.

Another unique aspect of this community is it is self managed by elected volunteers. This keeps the monthly fees to a minimum. With the residents guaranteed a caring management team that all have a stake in the well being of the community.

The community is made up of various 2 story condo buildings, 1 story condo ‘bungalows’, a 9 hole golf course, 2 swimming pools, tennis courts and a state of the art club house – all quite nice. The 2 to three bedroom condos are set around the horse shaped, par 3, 9-hole golf course. The golf course is maintained in an excellent manner, and is surrounded with lush trees, palms and tropical plants.

This little oasis of all most resort living is located on Maple Ave, just south of Sepulveda Blvd in the City of Torrance.

In the last few years, many other gated communities have been built in the area, and some offering similar amenities, but none offer the charm and lush grounds that the New Horizons South Bay complex offers to residents.…

Luxury Riad In Marrakech, Overlooking The Private Palace Of King Mohammed VI

The 18th century Riad Chbanate in Essaouira , with four storeys around an arched courtyard. This service is supplied by a small quantity of agencies as well as some specialist people in Riad de luxe. Morocco in-country specializes inclusive of Jewish Heritage , Imperial Cities, Family Tours and the Fantastic South. The Kasbah is a single of the major eco-friendly properties in Morocco and was constructed by pise (red earth) and traditional Berber building tactics. Boutique Riad de luxe Marrakech medina becoming inward focused offer privacy from outsiders and assistance the ancient Islamic though of providing privacy for girls.

Our agency has 15 years of expertise offering private customized luxury tours and concierge solutions. Located deep within the souk this luxury riad has all the creature comforts you could want on a trip in Riad marrakech luxe. Val d’Argan serves the area of Essaouira and Marrakech along with other Moroccan cities with their varied white and red wines created from its 35 hectare vineyard which produces over one hundred,000 bottles a year. Luxuria hotels and villas selects for you some luxury hotels full of grace inspired from sweetness of Moroccan life.

Is an on the web hotel reservation method set up and managed by MICE specialized travel agency, MOROCCO Limitless – Authorisation Quantity: Selection 36P/08. Riad Myra’s rooms have been created to reflect historic elegance, with discreet modern functions and amenities. Other than the wonderful investment return, the principal benefit of opting for this form of rental is the freedom it enables you as the owner to make use of your house as much or as little as you like. Boutique Hotels & Riads Rabat – A selection of charming, effectively appointed boutique riad and garden properties that provide exceptional service and cuisine. En suite facilities are comprised of a private washing location inside each and every luxury tent.…

Formic Acid is an Irritating Chemical Present

Formic acid is an irritating chemical present in the sprayed venom of some ant species and in the secretion released from some stinging nettles. Government authorities around the globe have turn out to be increasingly concerned about clandestine labs that continually modify buy al-lad of illicit drugs and sell them as legal options. Well being Canada said it is monitoring the different steps other countries have taken to handle new psychoactive drugs. Piperazines can result in toxic overdose, overheating, seizures, heart difficulties, and serotonin syndrome (when combined with other drugs), all of which can be lethal. It actually is vital regardless of whether you’re conducting study for the university project or you are seeking for the investigation association for a very good supplier, that you just uncover a reliable and trustworthy provider which will provide you with the highest quality study compounds. Finally, appreciate what you do, use the research chemicals Blotters obtainable in the marketplace to locate out how they modify your research and trials.

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The compounds accessible are wide in range, assisting one particular to select nearly any variety of compound to carry out your study or trials. You need to have to have spent twice the item value on the Silk Road prior to in order to purchase it. The certain quantity is specified in the item description. It was predicted that, right after the 2nd Planet War, the USA would crawl back into the deep, dark hole of yet another Excellent Depression that would spread to encompass the rest of the world. Stimulants is a tiny word that has a massive which means, research chemicals with stimulating effects can come from a lot of distinct chemical groups and can perform in many distinct approaches. Chemistry is an appealing profession alternative which enables one to analysis and experiment with study substances that are different, study these compounds and determine consequences.…

My Heel Is Killing Me… It Hurts So Much… What Is It?

Heel pain is one of the most common painful conditions seen in an arthritis clinic. This article discusses the various types of problems that cause heel pain and what can be done to make the situation better.

It’s estimated that more than 1 million persons in the United States suffer from heel pain at any given time.

When a patient complains of heel pain, it must be clarified by history whether the pain is in the bottom of the heel or the back of the heel because the diagnosis and treatment are very different.

Pain in the bottom of the heel is often due to plantar fasciitis (PF). The plantar fascia is a tough band of tissue that begins at the medial (inside) part of the bottom of the heel and extends forward to attach at the ball of the foot. The fascia is responsible for maintaining the normal arch. When an excessive load is placed on the fascia, pain can develop at the origin (the heel) as well as the mid-portion (arch) of the fascia.

PF can develop in anyone but is more common in certain groups such as athletes, people older than 30 years of age, and obese individuals.

PF must be distinguished from other causes of bottom of the heel pain such as nerve entrapment, atrophy of the normal heel fat pad, stress fracture of the calcaneus (heel bone), rupture of the plantar fascia, bone cyst, bone tumor, and bone infection.

The history typically describes a gradual onset of symptoms with no prior trauma. The most telling symptom is severe pain in the bottom of the heel when taking the first morning step. Patients may report difficulty walking to the bath room. The pain tends to lessen with more walking. This “first step” pain is also present during the day if the patient has been sitting for awhile, then getting up to walk.

On exam, pain is noted with pressure applied to the medial bottom of the heel. Tenderness is worsened by pointing the toes and ankle toward the head. This is because the plantar fascia is being stretched. Pain in the arch may also be present.

One in older patients should be ruled out and that is heel pad atrophy. Normally the heel has a thick feeling to it. In older patients the heel pad may lose this thickness and flatten out. The pain is located more centrally.

Another “fooler” is entrapment of the lateral plantar nerve. Pain is felt in the medial heel but may be present at rest as well. There may be weakness spreading the toes.

Fracture of the calcaneus (heelbone) causes pain at rest that is worsened with walking. Tenderness is present along the sides of the heel. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can confirm the presence if fracture.

But what about “bone spurs”? The presence of a bone spur by itself means nothing. They are very common and by themselves are not a cause of pain. Some patients with inflammatory forms of …

Travel To The Natural Beauty Of The Ocean And Mountains

One of the most popular states for tourists in America is definitely California. California is located on the western coast of the United States and is one of the largest states in the country. Stretching along the Pacific Ocean, there are many great cities and attractions in California to keep travelers and tourists very busy. No matter what section you visit in this vast state, you are sure to find something appealing to do. The geography of California is amazingly diverse and offers many different wonderful opportunities. There is, naturally, the ocean, which runs along its entire western border. Along the Pacific Ocean in California are thousands of phenomenal beaches where people can participate in any variety and kind of water sports or entertainment imaginable. From the surfing and large waves of San Diego, up to the breezy and beautiful coast near San Francisco, the ocean is an integral part of California’s famous appeal. Another much loved feature of California and its geography are its mountains. The Sierra Madre mountains are located in California, and offer many fabulous opportunities for a wide array of outdoor fun. People flock to the mountains of California for hiking, camping, rock climbing and just to view and commune with nature. There are many fantastic national and state parks in California, which provide visitors with great ways to see and get to know the natural beauty of this wonderful state. One of the most famous cities in California is definitely Los Angeles. This is also where Hollywood is located, and most of the biggest movies and films in the world are filmed and produced in Hollywood, California. Visitors love coming to Hollywood and Los Angeles to tour the major movie studios and maybe catch a glimpse of one of their favorite actors or actresses. It is also possible to find a tour of famous area landmarks and even celebrity homes. This way, you can see where various famous actors and actresses live in and around Los Angeles, California. This is a very popular activity in the area. Also, northern California is a great destination because of its famous trees. Redwood National Park in California is a fantastic place to come and see some of the world’s largest and tallest trees. These trees are called redwoods and sequoias and are wonderful to check out. Coming to this part of California can afford you with many great photo opportunities; taking a picture next to a giant redwood will show your friends and family back home how truly imposing these trees really are. San Francisco is also a big tourist spot in California. It boasts an incredibly fascinating history and famously hilly streets and roads. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco. If you are able to stop at this city while visiting California, it will be well worth your time because there is a wonderful amount of things to see and do here. The weather in San Francisco is generally quite good, also, making …

Trial Graphics: Accident Recreation: Amtrak Sunset Limited

Sunset Limited
Amtrak/NTSB Investigation

On September 22, 1993, Amtrak’s eastbound Sunset Limited en route from Los Angeles to Miami, carrying 220 persons on board, roared across the Big Bayou Canot Bridge near Mobile, Alabama and derailed.

Three locomotive units, the baggage and dormitory cars, and two of the six passenger cars were catapulted into the water. It was the worst train disaster in U.S. history. The National Transportation Safety Board was called in to investigate and used forensic engineering and metallurgy to discover the cause of this accident.

TMBA was asked to recreate several animations of the accident scene based on the findings of the NTSB.


This wreck occurred after a CSX Transportation swing bridge over the Big Bayou Canot in southwestern Alabama (about 10 miles northeast of Mobile) was struck at approximately 2:45 AM by a barge being pushed by the towboat Mauvilla (owned and operated by Warrior and Gulf Navigation of Chickasaw, Alabama), whose pilot had become disoriented in heavy fog.

The collision forced the bridge approximately three feet out of alignment and severely kinked the track.

At approximately 2:53 AM,[1] Amtrak’s Sunset Limited train, powered by three locomotives (one GE Genesis P40DC number 819 and two EMD F40PHs, numbers 262 and 312) en route from Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida with 220 passengers and crew aboard, crossed the bridge at high speed and derailed at the kink.

The locomotives slammed into the bridge superstructure, causing its destruction. The lead locomotive embedded itself nose-first into the canal bank and the other locomotives, as well as the baggage car, dormitory car and two of the six passenger cars, plunged into the water.

The locomotives’ fuel tanks, each of which held several thousand gallons of diesel fuel, ruptured upon impact, resulting in a massive fuel spill and a fire. Forty-seven people, 42 of whom were passengers, were killed, many by drowning, others by fire/smoke inhalation. Another 103 were injured. The towboat’s four crewmembers were not injured.

Immediately prior to the accident, the Mauvilla had made a wrong turn and entered an un-navigable channel of water. The towboat’s pilot was not properly trained on how to read his radar and thus, owing to the very poor visibility in the fog and his lack of experience, did not realize that he was off-course.

Although he was aware that he had struck something when his tow collided with the bridge, his initial supposition was that one of the barges had merely run aground. Such an assumption would have been unwarranted due to the relatively abrupt nature of a collision with a stationary object.

The bridge span had actually been designed to rotate so it could be converted to a swing bridge by adding suitable equipment. No such conversion had ever been performed, but the span had not been adequately secured against unintended movement.

Despite the displacement of the bridge, the continuously welded rails did not break. As a result, the track circuit controlling the bridge approach block signals remained closed (intact) …