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Here are some tips for choosing hotel or finding a good deal to book a room in luxury hotel or motel.When cleanliness is a factor in choosing a hotel room, you can’t let your decision be dictated by price, expensive does not necessarily mean clean. Instead, keep in mind the hotel’s reputation. Many booklets and travel guides will rate hotels based on several factors, one of these being cleanliness. If a hotel received five stars for food, but only one for leanliness, you’ll know that that hotel has great food, pieces of it just might be stuck inside the carpet strands of your hotel room floor.

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Sometime you can try an old Vegas trick is to book the cheapest room possible and then ask if you’re eligible for an upgrade when you approach the desk with ID, credit card and a $20 bill in hand. Tipping $20 should get you a better room if the hotel is not booked to capacity already.Unpack your clothes immediately when you arrive, use the drawers, closets and bed stand tables to organize your belongings and put the bags in the back of the closet so you don’t have to trip over them constantly. Square footage in a hotel room setting is minimal so utilize it to the fullest.

Now how do you find cheap hotel room, sure online reservations is best bet: you simply enter your information and you are done in five minutes flat. If you always want a room in some particular hotel then, making a reservation by phone is good , as it allows you to develop a relationship with the person to whom you are speaking. A phone reservation gives you the chance to turn on the charm, giving you a chance of getting a wonderful room. An actual conversation also gives you and the reservation taker a chance to find a commonality, which is the basis of a lot of relationships, relationships that can lead to upgrades. Perhaps you are flying in from New York or Las Vegas , which just happens to be the reservation taker’s home town. You never know when this could happen. It’s a small world, after all.

One of the oldest mantras in hotel business is simply that money talks. There is nothing that speaks louder than a good tipper. One of your best chances of being remembered is being remembered as a good tipper. Here is the best online resource to find Cheap Hotel Room Rates.

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