Coastal Vacations: Real Opportunity or Scam?

The following are from people who wish to remain anonymous and have had a bad experience with Coastal Vacations. You can make your own decisions and use your good sense. There are people who make good money with Coastal Vacations so use your own judgment.

First of all let’s look at the product. Here is one former Coastal Vacation members experience: The CARDS they give us for all the ‘additional benefits and discounts’ are a HOAX. There are a few ‘access’ cards, which may be OK, because you have to belong to some kind of organization to have them. But the rest are useless. I have just spent the last couple days calling all the contact numbers on the cards, and finding out (in writing from them) that these prices ‘are the same as the general public gets, and that company can be easily found on google.’ Why would we pay all this $$ to get these useless cards that are so highly advertised? The hotel access card gives us UP TO (we are told that we get 50{bb248b365451375cae95cbd497b3c598d5b16f8829e7d6139daa8093dca7be13}) 50{bb248b365451375cae95cbd497b3c598d5b16f8829e7d6139daa8093dca7be13} off the HIGHEST rack rate!! The regular rates are cheaper than 50{bb248b365451375cae95cbd497b3c598d5b16f8829e7d6139daa8093dca7be13} off the rack rate!! for the exact same room!

The cruise card is a joke. When I called the contact number, the man actually laughed at me when I told him that we are were told that we get a reduced rate with this card! Once again, it is the same price as the general public.

The Roadside Assistance card is really sad!! The lady there told me (and emailed the same) that CV is for access only. That means ‘no reduced prices-they will just give us the phone number in the area we are in, for what we want. We pay full price! Wow! that is such a help!!

The ski card is USELESS in Canada. There are 2 places in Canada, and 1other, very famous place offers 20{bb248b365451375cae95cbd497b3c598d5b16f8829e7d6139daa8093dca7be13} off rentals! Isn’t that helpful! Don’t let them tell you that Canada is included. It is, enough to barely be able to include it. There is basically nothing in Canada.

The ‘tour’ card is more than a laugh! One phone number has not dealt with CV for over 1 year. The other number is for the same place! The 3rd. number is for Russian speaking tours ONLY! she told me that!

The COMPLEMENTARY cruises DO NOT include CHILDREN. We were told that children would be ‘a small fee extra’. They must pay the same price as the general public gets when they take their children. It is NO small fee!!

Here is another Coastal Vacation members opinion: I agree Coastal Vacations has a horrible product.First, I am in complete agreement with Anonymous, and her report on Coastal Vacations. I also choose to be Anonymous, mostly out of respect for those who still choose to be in Coastal, for there are many good people. Just because we are anonymous, doesn’t mean we aren’t legitimate.

I am a member of Coastal Vacations who no longer runs my business. I joined with much hope and enthusiasm, and was also with the Wealthbuilders, which is a great team. The people are honest, the systems are real, everyone has the best intentions. Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

I made my training sales, I made some profit. But something kept me from being really successful. I lost faith in the product; the reports listed prior to this regarding the ‘smoke and mirrors’ aspect of the product are true. The discounts are ridiculous. I did try to use the package, with plenty of notice, after having had the education on how to use it, etc, etc,. The bottom line: in a 2 minute internet search you can pull up hundreds of bargains that are better discounts at better properties, cruises, etc.

I would not recommend this business to anyone–despite the lives it’s changed for the better…because no one ever hears about those lives it did nothing for, or those lives it burdened. Stay away, stay away, stay away.

If after reading the above you still want to join Coastal Vacations, I wish you the best of luck. If on the other hand you would like to have information on a travel related business that has a real product of value.

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Whatever choice you make, I wish you massive success.