Different Types Of Hotel – Select As Per Your Requirements

Whenever we make plan to go out of the city for enjoying our vacations, it becomes very important to select the perfect hotel for you. Selection of a hotel may affect your overall traveling experience. In India, there are many various types of hotels and lodging where you can stay. In my opinion, every person has different type of requirement for hotels. So here, I am providing some brief information about various types of hotels.

Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotels are commonly known as design hotels, lifestyle hotels which are meant for vacationers who want to spend their vacations with their family members for relaxation. These types of hotels are basically cheaper and smaller than resorts. Nevertheless, Boutique Hotels also offer more privacy to their customers as well as superb facilities.


Resorts are the places which are used for relaxation or recreation. They are the first choice among the visitors for holidays or vacations.  The Resort Hotels normally provide the best facilities in luxury and amenities. We can find them near a beach, mountains that attract a lot of vacationers. These resorts are best place for those who wish to relax in spacious rooms situated in remote areas.

Downtown Hotels

Downtown hotels are those which are situated at the business districts of town. These types of hotels are for those individuals who frequently go on tour for business purpose. They are normally located near by the main attractions of the city like popular restaurants, entertainment venues etc.


Motels, another type of rented lodging, normally situated at highway or interstate. They are meant for travelers who want stay for some time of period. These motels are cheaper and provide minimal amenities as compared to other types of hotels.

In other words, we can say that you should find the right hotel depending upon your specific needs and requirements. By having knowledge of various types of hotels, now you can choose the Best Hotel in India for yourself.