Discover the most beautiful areas of Central America: Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador

The countries in Central America are attractive for those travelers who want to save money on holidays. In general the life is not expensive, food, water, attractions and transportation can be covered with a tight budget as well as its accommodation.

Each country in the region hides unique gems, vast history, but overall: incredible attractions! If you want to visit an authentic area surrounded of lush vegetation, mysterious culture and beautiful beaches wait no more and take a look to these fantastic destinations:


Let’s begin with the first country from north to south… Guatemala. Despite its small size, Guatemala is huge in cultural attractions, offering one of the most emblematic constructions of the Mayas: Tikal. Considered the largest Maya Ruins, Tikal, is an impressive construction that dates back to Mayan era, the visit to this unique constructions worth the travel. The best moment to visit Tikal is during the morning, early morning, so you can see how the sun rises over these stunning constructions.

Guatemala offers other unique attractions such as Lake Atitlan. This lake offers breathtaking views, surrounded by villages and stunning volcanoes. The best place to explore it is on the famous village Panajachel. This small town attracts a large number of tourists due to its beautiful sights and nice environment.

Guatemala is perfect for those visitors who want to enjoy a cultural travel, if you want to spend your holidays soak up the sun, you should considered other destinations of Central America.


Formerly a British Colony, Belize is culturally diverse than its neighbors, in fact, the country is more Caribbean than Central and South American. Belize is the paradise for beach lovers thanks to its magnificent coastline hugging the Caribbean Sea and a large number of offshore islands, Belize counts with white sand as well as golden beaches.

Would you like to soak up Belize’s sun on the longest beach of the country? You must visit Placencia Peninsula! It’s one of the most popular in the country thanks to its golden sandy coastline and the large offer for restaurants and accommodation.

Other beautiful beach is Hopkins village, which is located in the eastern area of Garifuna. It is a 5 mile beach dotted coconut trees and colorful houses. The white sand beach combines to perfection to its crystal clear waters, perfect for a refreshing bath on the Caribbean Sea.

Are you a snorkeling fan? If yes, you should go straight to Pelican Beach. Pelican beach is idyllic and perfect to unwind while enjoying the fantastic activities such as snorkeling (try night snorkel), kayak or simply relax on a hammock. If you want to visit this fantastic country, the best option is to book hotels Online in order to avoid high prices.

El Salvador:

This country is part of Central America but geographically is par t of North America. The country covers an area of 21,000 square kilometers, although it is the most densely populated. This country compromises 25 volcanoes, 17 lakes and 14 different sections full of beautiful attractions.

The country side is fantastic, with lush vegetation and mountains, perfect for adventures. The countryside counts with communities that promote eco-tourism, which is great in order to preserve the areas of the country. The country counts with well preserved national parks like El imposible. The country also counts with beautiful colonial towns like Apaneca, Juayua and Suchitoto, 3 fantastic areas that not only offer beautiful sights but also are quiet and safe areas.

In El Salvador you will also find Mayan Sites declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The most important and special one is Joya de Ceren, which shares history with Pompeii… Other beautiful attractions are the Mayan Sites of San Andres and Tazumal.

The capital of this country it is probably the most cosmopolitan of Central America. The city offers a vast offer of restaurants, pubs, shopping areas, entertainment and a lively nightlife. The country it is also famous for its surf scene. The country boasts a vast reputation for having some of the best surfing beaches in the world.

What do you think about our selection? Have you ever been at one of these destinations? Tell us what you think!