Few Facts About Oahu

Oahu otherwise known as “The Gathering place” is the third largest and the most densely inhabited island in the state of Hawaii. The state capital Honolulu and world renowned Waikki in Oahu offers enormous options right from historic adventures to marine life. Oahu is just the romantic tropical vacation surrounded by mountains, rain forest, volcanic craters and beautiful beaches one can imagine.

Below are few activities worth considering to make your trip memorable

  • The conventional Lei greeting at the airport presented with beautiful flowers lei is a symbol of aloha and love in Hawaii.
  • Honolulu offers a real taste of Hawaii culture and history. The Bishop Museum founded in 1889 is famous for documenting Hawaii’s culture and history. It has a fantastic collection of archaeological and anthropological items.
  • One cannot miss the visit to Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial, the cause for World War II.
  • Mauka Makai excursion famous for its archeological and hiking eco tour explores scared sites of Oahu’s windward side.
  • Surfing originated from ancient Hawaiians and the face of surfing since then has changed phenomenally. The north shore of Oahu offers waves measures 40-feets and has new styles and experience. Long boards, shorts boards, paddle board, wind surfing, kite surfing and body surfing has attracted world class surfers from across the globe.
  • Oahu’s nightlife is a non-stop mixture of entertainment and parties. One has the endless option of enjoying soothing Hawaiian music, dancing night way at a modern discotheque or spending time singing at Karaoke bar.
  • Also famous for wreck diving, the Mahi shipwreck features a 186 foot U.S. Naval vessel sunk in 1982. On the windward, diving 30 to 90 feet, Moku Manu offers eels, turtles, reef fish and lobster hiding in the caves.
  • The island of Oahu is the apt vacation spot for a family. The Atlantis Submarine Adventures on Atlantis Submarine helps you explore the undersea world.  The Children’s Discovery Center, Dole Pineapple Plantation, Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, Honolulu Zoo Waikiki Aquarium might just be the right vacation spot for your family.
  • With over 112 miles of beaches Oahu islands suits the needs of sunbathing visitor and athletic windsurfers. To name few one can choose any of the following beaches. Ala Moana Beach, popular among locals, Waikki beaches is a collection of contiguous beaches, Lanikai Beach is way too perfect for swimming, sailing and wind surfing.
  • Food lover finds Oahu’s cuisine tantalizing and unique. One could eat different ethnic food for weeks each with different historical and cultural background. Plate lunch, Bento and Okazuya describes place and style of food based on the different origin.
  • A perfect ending to the Oahu trip is the experiece of Kanaka Maoli Lapaau, a conventional healing massage Style. One can contemplate to visit few of traditional healing centres like The Waimanalo Health Center and Waikiki Health Center.

If you are looking for a romantic tropical or a thrilling family vacation, all you need to do is pack your baggage for Oahu.