Five Things To Avoid When You Travel



There are so many travel writers who give you serious travel goal. Being amazed by their picturesque description many may decide to explore a new continent. A traveler knows what to carry but what about the things that you should not do when you are traveling? Often travelers unknowingly invite serious problems which force them to curtail their trip. Read more to avoid any such common travel mistakes.

Say ‘No’ to luxury hotel: Don’t waste your time finding a luxury hotel when you are traveling. Remember, you are there to visit its landmarks, historical monuments, and scenic beauty. All that you need to consider in your hotel is its safety and security. The best way to find an affordable and decent room is by searching on the internet. William Schoellkopf who travels around the world prefers to book his hotel in advance. He chooses the suitable hotel within his budget after comparing its price and facilities with other surrounding hotels. He often gets additional discounts for using his cards.

Avoid eating near a tourist spot: You will be tempted to see all kinds of delicious foods near a major tourist attraction but all such food joints are pricey. Also, you need to avoid typical dishes served in fancy restaurants. When you are in a new land it is always better to taste their authentic cuisines which you can find at the local joints. Thanks to the internet, you can check restaurant reviews and their price in advance. Don’t miss any particular restaurant which is famous for its delectable dishes.

Don’t skip travel Insurance: Although it seems like an unnecessary expense, but anything can happen when you are in a foreign land. Unfortunately, If you fall prey to any illness or accident, the only thing that can come to our rescue is your travel insurance. It is a smart choice to save your financial loss when you are on board.

Don’t ride taxi: There is no point wasting your money on taxi fare when you have other options to travel. It is worth when you have someone to split the fare. Moreover, it is risky to travel alone in a private car. Public transport is not only a cheaper option but also safe for a traveler. You will get to meet other commuters who can guide you to find your location.

Don’t book everything in advance: Once William Schoellkopf planned a family outing and to surprise everyone he booked the flight, hotels, car, and everything in advance. Unfortunately one of his family members fell sick and he had to cancel the whole trip. What he experienced is a lesson for all travelers. He got no refund for any of his bookings. Early birds are not always lucky specially when it comes to travel.

It’s always better to do a little beat of research before you land up to a new land. It will help you save your time and money. The less you splurge on luxury, the more you have for travel.

William Schoellkopf is a wanderer who loves to explore new places around the world. His passion for photography takes him away from his home. He shares his firsthand experience on his blogs.