Going On Vacation From Farmville How To Prepare Your Farm For Your Absence

There are so many things to do before a trip: take the cat to the boarders, put batteries in the camera, and pack extra socks. It can be easy to forget something like your Farmville farm. Don’t worry, preparing your farm for vacation doesn’t take much time, and it can make your return easy. After all, who wants to plow up all those wasted raspberries?

The most important factor of preparing your farm for your time away is to plan your crops properly. All Farmville players know that crops have a specific amount of time until they must be harvested. Pumpkins are ready in eight hours, rice in ten. These are, of course, two crops you don’t want to plant right before your vacation. If your trip is just for a long weekend, you can get away with planting crops that last two to three days. If, however, your vacation will last up to a week, the only crops you may want to plant are ones that harvest in four days. Because Farmville allows a wither rate equal to the amount of time that it takes your produce to grow, this will actually give you eight days.

Week long vacations can, however, be hectic to return from with all of the unpacking, laundry and cleaning required. You may even need to return to work on the day after you get back home. With so much to do, you might not find time to visit your farm, which can make the possibility of your crops withering imminent. The best plan for longer vacations is to leave fields plowed but not sowed. Then when you return it will be easy to throw down some seed and get back into the game. Don’t forget, your friends will still be able to fertilize your plowed fields while you are gone.

As you look over the multitude of animals and trees on your farm, you may feel sorry for them, as in your absence they will be neglected. Don’t worry. There is a bright side to leaving your animals and trees for a few days. Doing so can help them to get into a better sync. Do you find yourself visiting your farm throughout the day and harvesting a banana tree here and a date tree there? When you return from vacation, you will find that many of your trees and animals can be harvested all at once. And they will be ready at the same time of day for the future as well, which can make farming easier.

When you get ready for your vacation, it is important to make sure you haven’t made any commitments you cannot fulfill. Did you promise your daughter’s teacher you would make cupcakes for the whole class and just realized it was the same day as your departure? Or perhaps, you bought a Farmville puppy that needs to be fed daily. It is important that you do not get yourself into any Farmville commitments before a trip. Wait to buy your puppy until you return, or she may run away when she gets hungry. Also, do not sign up for any co-op farming, because your neighbors will be depending upon you. Another activity to avoid is a barn raising, since you will need to stay on top of asking your friends to help each day. Much like cleaning your house before you go on vacation, preparing your farm can allow you to have a relaxing and worry-free trip.