Haunted Places in California – The Captain's Anchorage Restaurant in Big Bear Lake, CA

There are several real haunted places in America that draw the attention of those that are interested in the paranormal. We often hear stories that pertain to haunted hotels, haunted prisons, haunted houses, and even haunted roads. However, it is not at all common to hear ghostly tales associated with restaurants. However, if you were to study the haunted places in California, you would find that there is a restaurant located in Big Bear Lake that is rumored to be haunted. This restaurant is called The Captain’s Anchorage. In this travel guide on haunted places, you will be introduced to the ghost stories associated with this particular restaurant.

Historical Highlights

The Captain’s Anchorage is an extremely popular icon in the Big Bear Lake region. Located just one hundred miles from the popular City of Los Angeles, this community is nestled in the National Forest identified as “San Bernardino”. The region served as a home to the Indians that were identified as “Serrano”. In the year of 1845, an individual that was named Benjamin D. Wilson elected to pursue the Indians that lived in the area. However, he discovered that there were more bears than Indians and immediately renamed the area to “Bear Valley”.

Because of the fact that there were so many bears throughout the area, in the year of 1860 another man by the name of William Holcomb went hunting. However, he stumbled across more than just bears – he actually found an amazing amount of gold in the area. Shortly thereafter, the immensely popular “Gold Rush” that occurred in Southern California occurred. The region started to receive a lot of attention from individuals all around the United States. The first dam of the area was constructed in the year of 1884. Just four years later, Big Bear Lake opened its first hotel. Then, in the year of 1946, the restaurant now known as The Captain’s Anchorage was constructed. At that time, it was identified as “The Sportsman’s Tavern”.

Just a few short years later, several individuals within the community and even many outside of the region would visit this restaurant and bar establishment and engage in illegal gambling. This was a common type of activity during the 40s, 50s, and the 60s. There was a man by the name of George that was believed to have served as the official bookkeeper for the illegal gambling proceedings. If you visit this supposed haunted restaurant, you will find a picture that includes this man as well as several of his friends. It is this man that has many believing that The Captain’s Anchorage is one of the most haunted placed in California. If you are interested in real haunted places in America, this is one location that you will want to visit.

George’s Death

Naturally, time progressed and George died. The story surrounding the true details of his death are not quite clear. There are many individuals that feel as if he took his own life. Many theories abound on exactly why this man would elect to commit suicide. However, there are many that believe that the local authorities may have caught on to his illegal activities and he was informed that they were in pursuit of catching him. It is believed that George became extremely frightened and felt that the only resolution was to commit suicide. Many believe that this happened in the office that was located upstairs at the time of his death. This office is now referred to as the “Captain’s Quarters”.

There is another story that claims that George upset one of the illegal gamblers with his bookkeeping. As a result of the conflict that was experienced, the person that became upset with George murdered him. There is actually no evidence of the fact that this particular man was, in fact, murdered. However, many individuals feel that regardless of what happened when George died or how George died, it was too soon and he has not yet found the strength or the will to move on to the spiritual world. When it comes to real haunted places in America, George is the main reason that so many individuals have experienced unusual phenomenon in this haunted restaurant. If you are interested in visiting haunted places in California, you may be able to experience George firsthand.

Ghostly Tales

Many individuals that have visited this particular restaurant claim that they have seen or felt a male presence. Many believe that this is George – roaming the spiritual plane but attempting to reach out to those on the physical plane. In addition to George, it is believed that there are several other spirits that linger in and around the Captain’s Anchorage. There are tales associated with a female ghost that is said to have made her appearance to several guests. At one point, there was a Crown Royal bottle that actually exploded for no apparent reason. Additionally, other types of bottles and objects have been displaced and have even moved on their own. As you can see, the Captain’s Anchorage is one of the most haunted placed in California. If you want to visit real places in America, this haunted restaurant should be at the top of your list.