How to Find the Best Tulum Hotels

Tulum, Mexico offers some of the most attractive beaches and travel accommodations in the country, and while it’s certainly no high-rise Cancun experience, there is some luxury to be found for all tastes and preferences.

There are generally three levels of Tulum hotels accessible to the public. Whether you’re looking to lay down for the night or experience a memorable getaway with someone special, there are options for almost all budgets and interests.

High End: If you’re looking for a romantic getaway or enjoy luxury, there are a large handful of options in Tulum’s hotel scene. The majority range anywhere from $200-$300/night and offer world-class amenities. Many offer activities included in that price such as salsa lessons, water sports, and spa packages. Yoga is also a popular compliment to these high end establishments: making reservations in advance is recommended seeing as most of these hotels fill up quite quickly.

Mid Range: These Tulum hotels range from $100-$250 and are all well situated though don’t offer the most spectacular amenities. Private baths and showers are almost always included though don’t expect high-count linens or the most attentive staffing. While the weather in Tulum is consistently good, these mid-range hotels can vary in quality, so ask around and get the word on each of them before you commit. Reservations here are less necessary: walk-ins more of an option.

Cheap: There are several lower-end options for Tulum hotels, most of them below the $75 belt. These are perfect for backpackers or anyone looking to just pass through. On the opposite side of the spectrum from the high-end boutique hotels, Tulum’s cheap hotels are quite perfect way to experience the beautiful beaches and culture without breaking the bank. Reservations here are rarely required and cater to the low-key and low-maintenance crowd who simply needs a place to lay their head.

In searching for the best Tulum hotels, ask around and research travel review websites where you’ll find a plethora of information. There is a large variety to choose from for every budget and remember: while the accommodations may change, the beauty of Tulum always remains the same.