Information on Mali Hotels

Mali Hotels

Mali is increasingly becoming a major destination spot for travelers with its popular festivals, extraordinary cultural activities and colorful marketplaces.

Accommodations range from two star to the deluxe hotels in Mali, which suits a variety of budgets. For a selection of hotels in Mali visit

Bamako, Mali’s capital and usual visitor starting point, offers an intricate blend of modern and traditional culture while maintaining an authentic African identity. Bamako hotels also reflect this. Le Grande Hotel in Bamako is a great value, offering wonderful services at reasonable prices.

Segou is one of Mali’s largest cities and the former colonial administrative center. Segou hotels, like Hotel Independence and Hotel Djoliba allow the traveler to have accommodations that are in close proximity to the village of Sekoro, the ancient capital of the Bambara Kingdom.

When touring Mali, many visitors like to make a stop in Djenne, an ancient city with characteristics of the middle ages. This is the site of the magnificent Grand Mosque, the largest mud-brick architecture in the world. Hotel Campement is one of the popular Djenne hotels to stay, which can be found on

Mopti, known as Mali’s Venice because of its location between the Bani and Niger Rivers enables the traveler to experience a fascinating mix of Malian cultures. Hotel Ambedjele is a Mopti hotel that is recognizable worldwide.

A journey to Mali is not complete without a visit to the Dogon Country with its astonishing knowledge of the solar system and the unique structures of the Dogon villages. Hotel Cheval Blanc is a Dogon hotel of choice for many.

Although regarded as a place faraway, legendary Timbuktu has accommodations available to the traveler. Hotel Colombe is a Timbuktu hotel to sojourn on this extraordinary excursion.

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