Jack in the Box Job Application: Work Part Time at Jack in the Box and get Great Benefits. Online and Printable Job Application

Jack in the Box is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the country. It’s main character, Jack, has been featured in every zany commercial that they’ve aired for the past couple of decades.

Their nationwide brand has joined the elite ranks of McDonalds and Burger King and has become a main training ground for high schoolers and teens seeking fast food part time jobs.

There are a couple of easy ways to fill out a Jack in the Box part time job application. Continue reading to the bottom of the page to see how you can apply for a part time job at Jack in the Box.

Jack in the Box first started operating in 1951 and quickly caught on as word spread about it’s bigger variety menu and quality burgers.

Working at Jack in the Box part time you’ll be eligible for their excellent benefits package that includes:

* Medical insurance
* Dental insurance
* Vision insurance
* Vacation Pay
* Retirement Benefits
* Discounted meals at work
* Family & Friends Discount Meal Card

Based on that benfits package alone, it makes absolute complete sense to fill out a Jack-in-the-box application. Who doesn’t want a discount meal card?!

If you are a high schooler, teenager, or college student looking for a part time job, imagine the reaction from your parents when you tell them about this benefits package, they will be ecstatic and will urge you to apply for a part time job at Jack in the Box immediately!

Once you’re out in the working world, you’ll understand why that benefits package is extremely attractive.

Imagine how proud your parents will be that you’re looking out for your future with not only a job to help you make money, but one that comes with maximum benefits. This is the beginning of “working smarter and not working harder.”

There are two ways to fill out a Jack-in-the-box part-time job application. You can fill out a Jack-in-the-box online job application form and it will be submitted electronically or you can fill out a Jack in the box printable job application form and walk it in to your local Jack in the box and hand it directly to the hiring manager.

Both Jack in the box job application forms can be filled out at Jobler.com

Jack-in-the-Box has been around for almost 60yrs and with all those zany tv commercials that they’ve run the past 2 decades, they’ll be around for many more years to come.