Jamaica All-Inclusive Vacations: 5 Must Do Activities

Are you gearing up for your all-inclusive trip to Jamaica? If so, your travel arrangements should be set. Your flight is booked and you booked a stay at an all-inclusive resort. Right about now, you may think that the only thing left to do is pack. Yes, this is good, but why not take the time to familiarize yourself with a few of Jamaica’s most popular activities and attractions. If you want to get out and explore this beautiful island, know ahead which activities and attractions are the best and cheapest to do. Save yourself time, money, and have the vacation of your dreams.

On the island of Jamaica, you will find no shortage of fun activities and attractions. In fact, that is just one reason why you should do a small amount of research. Choosing between them all may seem like an impossible task. If you need some assistance, continue reading on for five Jamaica vacation activities that come highly rated and recommended.

1 – Visit a Waterfall

The landscape of Jamaica is what makes it an amazing Caribbean vacation destination. There are mountains, jungles, beaches, and just about everything in between, including waterfalls. In fact, you are encouraged to visit one. Luckily, you have many options. It should depend on the location of your all-inclusive Jamaica resort. Limit your travel time and expenses by opting for a nearby fall.

If staying in or around Ocho Rios, the Dunns River Falls is considered a must stop. In addition to visiting the falls independently, you can also book a daylong Dunns River Falls tour. Not only will the sight amaze you, but you can get up close. Human chains are created with trained tour guides, enabling you to climb the falls! If vacationing more towards Montego Bay, Mayfield Falls comes highly rated and recommended.

2 – Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an activity that most can do back home; however, it is still rated a must do on the island of Jamaica. Luckily, horseback riding is available all across the island. Your best option is to take a horseback riding tour. Most tours last an average of 3 hours. For tours located near the coastline, your adventure may include a dip into the Caribbean waters with your horse! These tours are often marketed as horseback ride and swim tours.

3 – Take a Boat Ride

As with horseback riding, these boat rides give you many options. If vacationing at an all-inclusive resort along the coast, look at nearby cruises. Some are classified as sightseeing tours, while others are known as dinner cruises or adventure cruises. For an adventure cruise, your boat may stop a few miles from shore where you can enjoy a few hours of scuba diving or snorkeling.

The tours on the Caribbean waters are the most popular, but boat tours are also available inland. For the ultimate adventure, forego the boat and opt for a whitewater raft! Rafting is perfect on the Great River. Slow moving water tube tours are also available for those looking for a little less adventure and for those looking to take in the surrounding landscape.

4 – Do Something Related to Bob Marley

Regardless of your taste in music, you have likely heard of Bob Marley. The Bob Marley Museum is located just outside of Kingston, but the island is home to many Bob Marley tributes. You can find unofficial museums, themed restaurants, and more. See how this legendry musician brought Jamaica worldwide attention and limelight.

5 – Spend at Least 1 Day at Your Resort

Jamaica is one of those vacation destinations you want to get out and explore. You want to see the landscape, the locals, and the great attractions. With that said, it is important to remember you are staying at an all-inclusive resort. These establishments are designed so that you never have to leave. You could easily spend your entire vacation onsite and have the best trip ever. Since most tourists want to leave and sightsee, you likely will. As a cost cutting measure, spend at least one day at your Jamaica all-inclusive resort.

Above you were provided with a list of five must do Jamaica vacation activities. These activities all come highly rated and recommend by tourists, just like you. Whether you opt for these vacation activities or others, you will never experience a moment of boredom. After all, you are on the island of fun and sun.