My vacation in Natal/RN

My vacation in Natal/RN

Natal is one of the most beautiful cities in the Northeast and capital equally beautiful, state of Rio Grande do Norte. Despite its territorial area not be too long, making it the second smallest Brazilian capital this regard, the city has a large number of landscapes and tourist sites that lets anyone passionate visitor.Dating back to the year 1599, Natal was founded on the banks of Potenji River, it is now known worldwide because to its major parks, monuments, museums and tourist visitation places.


The “TAM” as it is known, is a monument a Historical and Artistic Monument tumbled that started construction in 1898 and opened in 1904, at the time the Teatro Alberto Maranhão was originally named Carlos Gomes Theater.

Teatro Alberto Maranhão - Natal/RN


Also known with the “New Bridge” Newton Navarro Bridge’s main function, connecting the neighborhoods of the North Zone of Natal and cities of the metropolitan area, specifically the municipalities of the north coast of the state, the East Zone and other districts in Natal . Certainly, this is a tourist spot that you can not miss at Natal.

Ponte Newton Navarro


The museum of natural and anthropological sciences Camara Cascudo, is a great place to visit. Its exhibitions and its collection, as well as enrich the visitor’s knowledge – culture is never too – it’s a great space and a great program to do with the family

Museu Camara Cascudo


It is an urban park located in the urban area of Natal. Opened in July 2008. It has a beautiful gazebo design by none other less than the greatest architect of the last century, the late Niemeyer. Besides the privilege to have a beautiful view of the city, in the park you can make an ecological walk through conservation trails the environment.

Parque da Cidade - Natal RN


Christmas in Natal is more one of the magnificent beauty shows, color and warmth. One example of this is the Christmas Tree of Mirassol court. Throughout the Christmas period Thousands of people gather to see the Greater Northeast Christmas Tree. Lots of light and colors make it a beautiful attraction for the population and tourists. In addition to the tree, lots of music, food, cultural attractions and exhibitions of crafts of local artists brighten even more the party.

Arvore de Mirassol - Natal RN


One of the most beautiful beaches of the Capital of the sun. It is in Ponta Negra beach which is one of the most beautiful postcards of Natal/RN, the “Morro do Careca”. I do not have many words to describe, it is simply beautiful! It is known feathers.

Praia de Ponta Negra


It is also in Natal which is the Major cashew tree in the world, to be precise, in the city of Parnamirim/RN that is in the metropolitan area of Natal. The cashew tree measures about eight and a half thousand square meters. The place is very visited by tourists around the world. After all, is not every day that you see a natural phenomenon like that.

Maior Cajueiro do Mundo - Natal


The beach Genipabu or “Jenipabu” – That’s right, do not be surprised if there you find both spellings of the same name – is a beach marked by its beautiful and giant dunes, the radical buggy rides and even dromedary, it is not no toy. Genipabu is in the municipality of Extremoz/RN, twenty kilometers away from Natal.

Genipabu - Natal RN


Natal has beautiful hotels and highly cozy inns, with all kinds of environments so that whatever your vibe in Natal you’ll find the perfect place for your stay. As for cooking, I do not want to talk – it gives me already mouth watering – but, come on … The most diverse types of restaurants, foods and spices that if after all that “you see,” does not fall the place, the food you do not escape this passion.

My Natal comes, as I left, it was all very quiet. Also in the city Airport we rented a vehicle from a local company, which came to us. We rented a car safely and tranquility and in return, we return the car also at the airport and everything was perfect.

If you are thinking of traveling on your vacation, Natal/RN is a good thing! I recommend!