Vacation Wars

Some years ago a colleague – a very conscientious hardworking staff member – was boldly declaring she enjoyed 50 leave days a year! Naturally as everyone else only had 25 days leave a year we wanted to know what was going on (writing as a Brit due sympathies to USA colleagues who continue the noble vacation ethic of the Founding Fathers). She pointed out somewhat dryly that she enjoyed not only her own 25 vacation days but a further 25 days at work when her boss was on vacation. As her “boss” I had to admire this stoical point of view.

We are approaching that time of year where many are thinking about vacation and holiday. It is also the time managers get caught out when discovering key personnel are away presumably enjoying themselves. Of course “key” redefines itself at this time. It won’t be the first time the absence of the quiet conscientious worker in a “small” part of the process brings the whole system to a grinding halt. In the main “weightier” process is brought into sharp focus as auto-responders hit the network heralding re-alignment of project schedules and business goals. They also reveal the staff who could keep things on course also “jetted” out a few days earlier. Workplace tension increases, blame culture kicks-in and the unstated implication of the “I’ve already paid my deposit” riposte is uttered in hushed tones over the water-cooler.

When staff encounter large chunks of leave, “ring-fenced” several months, if not a year earlier, for popular holiday periods they feel aggrieved. Facing little pity from others who got their vacation schedule sorted “in good time” only makes resentment worse. Nevertheless managers learn to live with a few irksome weeks of leave “grabbing” and figure out how to make up later. Eventually the popular holiday periods are out of the way, staff get back and settle down to business. If only it was that simple. Staff who have worked all through the holiday period now take their banked vacation for an out of season group soirée. Vacation and leave scheduling can be an all round year nightmare.

Poor vacation or leave scheduling can raise staff temperature that will keep them warm right through the winter months and into the following year. If that isn’t bad enough it can be more serious for the business. Missed deadlines, extended time to market and frustrated customers. Without a proper system of vacation scheduling managers may learn to ignore staff resentment, or even the wrath of senior management. Few managers however can learn to ignore the pincer grip of both.

Being caught like this need not happen. Good vacation or leave scheduling involves planning ahead and that much seems obvious. It is the context of other business goals and workplace scheduling that is often missing which leads to these conflicts. Simply recording a vacation balance against a staff leave entitlement is not good enough. All that does is tell you when someone can’t have anymore vacation or …

10 Fave US Bowling Centers

As the top participatory sport in America, there are roughly over seven thousand bowling centers in the United States.

AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. is America and the world’s biggest bowling chain. It is joined by other bowling centers such as Brunswick Recreation Centers, The Active West, Inc., Bowl America, DON Carter All Star Lanes, Vantage, Seidel’s Bowling Center, Yerba Buena Ice and Bowling Center, Gold Coast Bowling Center, Coconut Bowl which are the 10 fave Bowling lanes in the US.

Here’s a list of ten fave bowling centers in the country.

AMF Bowling Centers, Inc.

It is the biggest chain of bowling centers not only in the States but in the world. It has more than a hundred centers in America, with almost 30 branches in California alone. AMF’s recreational center in Franklin, New Jersey features a bowling facility, restaurant, cinema, and video arcade. Established in 1900, AMF bowling centers continue to take on urbane technology for lane bookings, scoring, as well as documentations. This expertise joined with very good customer service, makes for a great bowling encounter each time.

Brunswick Recreation Centers

This company runs nearly one hundred centers in the US. It bowling centers offer bistros and billiards, as well. In 1990, the company initiated Cosmic Bowling which multiplied profits in over 20 branches. After several years, Brunswick Corp. started to propose Cosmic Bowling to other recreational center owners. Brunswick manufactures bowling equipment and sporting equipment.

The Active West, Inc.

This bowling chain went ahead in promoting bowling as the sport suited for everyone. With several bowling centers in California, it has abundant lanes plus bumper bowling for children or adults who are just beginning to learn the sport.

Midtown Bowling Center, one of the Active West’s centers in Los Angeles, is making bowling a part of the neighborhood by taking in more young students and providing bowling-related activities and scholarship grants. It also provides bowling lessons, parties, and special programs for seniors.

Bowl America

Bowl America operates over twenty bowling complexes in the United States. Baltimore-Washington, D.C. region has got 15 centers, Florida has 4, and Richmond, Virginia has 3. Bowl America’s most significant center is in Gaithersburg, Maryland, that was inaugurated in 1994. Hailed as the most up to date bowling center in the US, the recreational complex has 48 computerized lanes. Bowl America pulled off in drawing young players by way of integrating bowling with music and a laser presentation.

Don Carter All Star Lanes

Don Carter All Star Lanes has two bowling lanes in Texas and five in all in Florida, specifically Boca Raton, Hollywood, Lake Worth, Miami and Tamarac.

The Lake Worth bowl lanes is the leading bowling center in West Palm Beach. Bowlers can enjoy its 64 lanes, as well as billiards, arcade, snack cafes. You can find the center on Military Trail, northern side of Hypoluxo Road.


This firm carries five computerized branches found all over Tucson, Arizona. Lucky strike, Fiesta lane, Cactus bowl, Santa Cruz lanes, and Tucson Bowl …

Vacation Getaways for Kids and Dads

During vacation time, it is important that you get down to planning things together so that each family member can voice his choice of destination. A few time-tested vacation ideas or must-see places for dads and kids are suggested below. Whether it is skiing on a snow-capped mountainside that draws you or the safari, which delights your kids, you will find it all here. So pack your bags and gift your children a vacation and a memory to stay with them all their lives!

National Park Vacations

Life in the city – daily routine, commuting to and back from work, etc. may get to you at times. If you are looking for an outlet, an outdoor family vacation is an answer to it. National Parks like Yellowstone (Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana), Yosemite (California), the Grand Canyon (Arizona), Crater Lake, Death Valley, Glacier Bay, etc. provide countless opportunities to revel in the abundance of nature. The Rocky Mountain National Park is one such destination worth considering. It provides adventure opportunities with all sorts of climbing, fly-fishing, snowshoeing, skiing, backpacking, hiking, wildlife viewing, and bird watching, all in the backdrop of breathtaking scenery.

Beach Wonders

Building sand castles on the beach with your kids may give you an insight into the fantasy world of your child and help you bond better as a dad. If you are the adventurous type, water sports at the beach with your kids is an exciting option. America is blessed with beautiful beaches which are well maintained, making them ideal family vacation spots. Clearwater Beach, Cumberland Island, East Hampton, Laguna, Little Palm Island, Naples, Newport Beach, Ofu Beach, Poipu Beach, and beaches in Hawaii are the top beaches suited for a family vacation. Whether you are attracted by pristine and calm waters, rocky beaches, sandy beaches or all types of snorkeling and diving sports, you have it all here. One of the most suitable beaches for kids is the Kauai Beach—a natural wonder in itself, it offers the opportunity to ride horses and indulge in kayaking, biking, and fishing, apart from water sports.


If you haven’t taken your kids to the famous cities of America, you haven’t added value to their education. It is important that your kids learn about the seat of American politics, economic growth and strength, cultural resources and influence, academic institutions, etc., and the impact of all these on the world. The cities of maximum importance are New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, and Seattle. In addition, places like Orlando, Las Vegas, and Miami can prove to be one of the most memorable family vacations with entertainment opportunities galore for all age groups.…

Guest Friendly Hotels in Sukhumvit Bangkok

Staying in a guest friendly hotel in Bangkok is the right choice to make, especially when you’re planning on visiting any of the infamous red light districts. These hotels don’t charge their guests for taking a companion back to their rooms and are the preferred choice of hotels for seasoned visitors of Bangkok’s go go bars and clubs.

Hotels in Bangkok that are guest friendly are found mostly throughout the red light districts. These hotels operate and run just like any other mainstream hotel except the fact that they allow guests to invite bar girls, gay companions, lady boys and freelancers back to their rooms for an overnight stay.

One of the most popular areas to find guest friendly hotels is along the commercial districts of Sukhumvit. There you’ll find plenty of shops and businesses catering mainly to tourist and the large expat community that choose to make their homes in the condos and apartments all along Sukhumvit.

The major thoroughfare of Sukhumvit road runs through two red light districts, Nana and Soi Cowboy and both are just a short 10 minute walk away from each other.

This is a good reason why most seasoned visitors of the red light districts choose to stay in Sukhumvit.

One of the most popular hotels is Sacha’s Hotel Uno located on Sukhumvit road Soi 19. This stylish boutique hotel opened recently in 2008 and is just a 10 minute walk to the go go bars of Soi Cowboy.

S15 Hotel is another new property right on Sukhumvit road. It’s a modern hotel close to a popular freelance hot spot called Thermae located in the basement of the Ruamchitt Hotel.

Another new hotel right in the heart of club central is President Palace Hotel, located right on Sukhumvit road Soi 11. The President Palace will put you up close to popular clubs such as Bed Supper Club and Q Bar.

All of the guest friendly hotels mentioned here are within walking distance to the BTS Sky Train, the most efficient method of getting around the commercial areas of Bangkok. You can also use it to get to Patpong red light district.

So when planning a visit to Bangkok’s red light districts make sure you book a hotel that has a no joiner fee policy. Non guest friendly hotels charge a joiner fee of B1000 which can really sour your trip in Bangkok.…

Where Have All the Frogs Gone?

Did you know that frogs are now endagered species? An affliction has been besetting frogs all over the world and biologists say that this has something to do with global warming. However at this stage, researchers still can’t place it all in one solid explanation. One thing is for sure, frogs are dying globally and in massive numbers at that.

Do you remember the time when you could hear frogs croaking in unison. We never stopped to think about it but sure enough we no longer hear those phenomenal frog conciertos anymore. As early as 1996, the Sierra Nevada frogs were noticed to be decreasing in numbers. Whereas before, they croaked and leaped in abundance both in the low and high of the Sierra Nevada ranges, the last survey in 1999 came up with only 2 Sierra frogs remaining.

In 2003, Conservationsts sued the Fish and Wildlife Services for refusing to list the frogs under the Endangered Species Protection program. They wanted to give the frogs protection from several factors they considered as detrimental to the frogs existence, namely: grazing, recreation, dams and water diversion, roads and predation.

They scored a victory in 2006 when the Federal judge ordered the Fish and Wildlife Services to list the Yellow-legged frog and the Yosemite toad under the Endangered Species Protection program. So they thought, the problem will be kept under control.

Recent developments however showed that frogs all over the world are dying and in massive numbers including those in tropical countries. What the Sierra Nevada folks thought as an isolated case was happening globally. That’s the reason we no longer hear the “blidits” and the croaks nor see them hop-hop- hopping along the road as we pass by the mountainsides. In fact, can you remember those times when you saw bodies of frogs on the roads obviously  victims of hit and run incidents?    

Scientists have now devoted their time in researching for answers and to find out what seems to be wiping out these frogs on the face of the Earth. Actually, it’s no longer just a matter of frogs dying, the issue is now about biodiversity – where every living thing, even in the minutest of form is essential to maintain a balanced ecology. 

They have considered global warming and the rise in temperature. They have connected it to a certain fungus but this fungus was supposed to have been extinct a long time ago. Scientists remain baffled while frogs continue to die.

If the next generation ever gets to read about the frog prince, kids in the future will never get to see a real frog and understand why the princess refused to kiss it.

For more information about the plight of these frogs, read a related article entitled “Sierra Frogs- Will They Survive Global Warming” by following this link.…

Luxurious Ojai Resort is Like Attending 5-star College

While the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa bills itself as a “spa village,” a better description might be Getaway University, with its campus full of activities and honest-to-goodness classes in the finer points of life.

The Ojai Valley Inn is a little off the beaten path, 13 miles off Highway 101 with the exit just north of Ventura. This detour takes you to the Ojai Valley, a serene setting amongst a picturesque range of modest mountains. About 10 miles long and three miles wide, the valley has just enough room for a small town – a kind of artists’ enclave – and the sprawling 800 acres occupied by the Ojai Valley Inn, its village and its golf course.

The inn dates back to 1922 when a wealthy Ohio glass manufacturer and philanthropist commissioned famed architect Wallace Neff to build a country club in a Spanish Colonial style. The 18-hole golf course was designed by George C. Thomas, also a famous designer. Even those who don’t golf can still appreciate today the broad fairways and scenic vistas that are visible from almost every part of the property.

Over the years, the 308-room inn has become much more than a country club and was, in fact, recently awarded AAA’s five-star designation, making it one of only 15 properties in California to reach such lofty status. The award – which comes on the heels of a $90 million renovation — is predicated on service and amenities that are the best mere mortals can receive, and the Ojai Valley Inn does not disappoint.

When we arrived for our brief stay, a valet and a couple of bellmen were instantly at our service and check-in was quick and painless. We were driven to our suite on a golf cart, snaking along the curvy path, up and down hills until we reached our building, located adjacent to the spa and alongside a picture-postcard golf fairway. A little questioning of our bellman and we learned that about 45 percent of visitors come to Ojai for the golf, about 45 percent for the spa and the other 10 percent just to enjoy the surroundings.

As you can imagine, our suite was quite stylish and tastefully decorated. It wasn’t as large as a traditional suite that may offer entirely separate living and sleeping areas, but the room was quite spacious and there was good separation between the four-poster bed with its comforter bench and the L-shaped couch, the centerpiece of the living area. There were plenty of extra touches from plushy couch pillows to a variety of lamps, to landscape paintings adorning the walls. The feel was much more like a residence than a hotel room, and right out the sliding glass door was a patio and breakfast table with views of the golf course and nearby mountains.

The bath area deserves special mention: it had a long, deep soaking tub, a separate shower area, separate enclosed toilet room and a double granite vanity. Hanging in the closet were …

Travel Europe on a Budget

What would you say if you were told that you could go to Europe on an affordable package? Would you be skeptical? Would you be amused? Or would you be plainly dumbfounded in disbelief?

European travel has always been the most expensive. Most middle class wage earners would need to tighten their belts for several years, scrimping & saving just so they can afford their dream European vacation. Europe represents one of the many fantasies of most people because of its quiet elegance, its romantic sceneries & panoramic views. European countryside is magical & has been the inspiration of many poems & the venue o many love stories. Europe is a great destination for newlyweds on their honeymoons, retirees wanting to get a taste of the good life & just about everybody else looking for a good time. But, Europe is also synonymous with expensive food, expensive hotels, expensive clothes & just about everything else is more expensive in Europe!

Cheap travel Europe gives you an option that would otherwise be unaffordable to many people. Cheap travel Europe takes away the “expensive” in Europe! Cheap travel Europe lets you achieve that fantasy you’ve been cuddling for so long.

If you are planning a romantic getaway, Europe is the ultimate destination! Just think of romantic France & be inspired by French lovers strolling hand-in-hand, kissing & hugging in the streets. Imagine yourself in Venice, having a smooth gondola ride with you husband or wife. Imagine yourself surrounded by the rich history of Ireland & Austria. Get a taste of authentic German beer or Russian vodka & caviar or take a bite of a scrumptious Swiss or Belgian chocolate. Aaaaaaaah, the taste of travel!

Europe offers a wild cornucopia of anything & everything enjoyable. From the vas collection of the world’s greatest art pieces in Italy, to the holy & somber Vatican, to the swinging parties in England and to the Moorish architectures of Spain. All these are up for grabs when you avail of cheap travel Europe.

Take your family with you or your group of friends, plan a victory vacation with your officemates or teammates—avail of the awesome cheap travel Europe package!

Cheap travel Europe is also a great gift to your parents when they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Nothing says “Thank you” better than a long European vacation courtesy of cheap travel Europe.

Cheap travel Europe is a great way to treat yourself after slaving for several years & working nonstop. Take a short break from the demands of a corporate life; take yourself away from the stress & hassle of beating deadlines & just enjoy life for a while. There is nothing better than the European ambiance to ease away all your tensions.

Take advantage of cheap travel Europe! Who says you have to pay full when you can get the same deal at a much lower price! Cheap travel Europe is the best way to do a vacation. Traveling on a budget isn’t that bad, as …

Finding Cheap and Budget Hotels in New York City

Welcome to New York City! Have wonderful days in New York City which is widely known as the most alluring tourist place of the United States. People from all over the world keep coming to see its breathtaking sightseeing and high raised skyscrapers. Further, the city represents as the center of trades and commerce. Many interesting things are there to experience till dawn to awe hours of night. Ultra modern life style is another specialty of New York City and enormous exiting and interesting things will keep you engaged that you will never feel like alone or bore, even your homesickness will fade naturally. The eye catching tourist attractions like Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Grand central Terminal etc. are worth to mention. But before you start your trip to New York it is advisable to choose the hotels accommodation where you wish to stay. However, online booking of cheap and budget hotels are the easiest way to book a hotel in New York.

Economic travelers opt for budget hotels in New York and they are available in wide array. Such types of motels are budget friendly and on the same time comfortable to stay. The intelligent travelers who wish to expense money on other interests of the city never spoil much money on lodging accommodations. Even choosing cheap hotel rooms New York city is good for the travelers who are going to stay for many days in New York. There are varied many websites which are relevant to New York cheap hotels booking. Make a research work of the hotels and its rates along accommodation facilities. But please make sure that you are booking from an authentic website. Also you can do one thing and that is making your hotel booking from the hotel’s own website. Rather it will prove more convenient and reliable. Check out the hotel location and the pictures of the rooms which most of the website of budget hotels in New York contains.

No doubt about the facilities and arrangements for such hotels. Though the hotels are cheap, yet they provide clean accommodations with impeccable service. The hotel staffs are friendly and always offer helping hand. The budget hotels like Bed of Roses Hotel, American Dream Hotel, etc. are the alluring example of cheap hotels in New York. Make your stay in one of its boroughs and select the location from where you can have an easy access of conveyance to your destinations.…

Atmosphere of Vienna Hotels are Friendly and Relaxing

Vienna is one of the largest city of Austria. Vienna is in the east of the country of the river Dnaube. It is also an administrative district. Many old buildings, churches and museums are there in this city. In Vienna , Classical music and opera are very famous.

Vienna is also the name of the song about the city, by the British group Ultravox. Vienna has lots of things to offer like Art and Culture, Sports and Relaxation, Pleasure and Recreation. Vienna hotels are good for tourists. alla-lenz . This hotel is located in center of Vienna. They offers you luxury, breakfast, apartment’s accommodations and elegant rooms with internet access. Accommodation in Vienna includes everything from low budget to designer hotels.

Atlantis-hotel . This hotel is located in the heart of the city, between the State opera and St. Stephan’s Cathedral.This hotel offers 118 comfortable rooms, all are equipped with a bath or shower, WC, hair dryer, telephone, cable-TV, Pay-TV and minibar. Antique furniture . All hotels provides you best services. If you are looking for a well furnished hotel then go to this hotel

Austrotel-hotel . The staff of his hotel is friendly and always offers good recommendations for sightseeing and dining. Vienna atmosphere is so relaxing and friendly . Everyone enjoyed here a lot.…

Perfect time to visit California

California tourist attractions has so many things to offer that a tourist can become baffled while choosing which place to start from. However a tourist prior planning the trip to California should select the right season to visit. Again this is true that there is no such perfect time to visit California as the state boasts excellent weather all year round. So a tourist can visit California irrespective of the seasons. However if a tourist is planning for a quite vacation free from the hustle and bustle in the Southern California, then winter is the perfect season for him. As far as the price of the trip to California is concerned, there is no set rule which defines when the price will go up or down. However the prices are most likely to go up when the weather is nice and warm in the Southern California.

If a tourist is planning to visit Lake Tahoe and Shasta Cascades, then summer season is the best one because summers are relatively cooler in those areas. A tourist can indulge in the activities such as camping, hiking and all sorts of outdoor activities during the summer season in the Lake Tahoe and Shasta Cascade region. The adventure lovers can indulge in skiing in this area during the season from late November to early April. There are some other activities in California that a tourist can indulge in during this season while on vacation.

Some other popular attractions of California located in the city of Los Angeles and San Diego. It’s always advisable for the tourists to visit these regions during the winter season because these areas become warmer during the day time than the Bay Areas of California. One can visit the Disney land and Universal studios at Los Angels. Disney’s Magic Kingdom attracts the adults as well apart from the kids from across the world. Hollywood or Universal studios are one of the major attractions in Los Angeles that make it the best tourist hub in the entire state of California. The City of San Francisco has its own charm in the old streets and delicious sea food. The Bay area adds to the beauty of the city as the tourists can take cruise rides to take a peek of the skyline of San Francisco from the Bay. If visited in the right season, one can enjoy California to its best and make his vacation a memorable one.…