Women Traveling Alone. Why Not?

Kristy, aged 32, had recently separated from her partner and needed to “get away”. All her previous travels had been with a friend and traveling solo was real “out of comfort zone” stuff. Kristy did her research and made some pleasant, surprising discoveries.

Her first pleasant discovery was that many travel organizations now no longer charge a single supplement. Out of a selection, she chose Intrepid because it provided the kind of travel experiences that suited her. I met Kristy on an Intrepid tour based in Lucca, Italy and she was having a ball. She discovered that as a single traveler, it is so much easier to make new friends. Her initial fears had disappeared and she joined in the activities, including Italian cooking classes, cycle rides through the Tuscan hills and winery tours, with enthusiasm.

I was surprised at the number of single women in the group. Most were in the age range between 23 and 50 and all expressed initial fears of traveling alone. Then they discovered 2 huge advantages.

The first was personal freedom and the second, independence. The simple pleasures of YOU deciding where to go, where to eat and where to shop, cannot be beaten. If you want to stop for a while to watch the setting sun change the snow on the Matterhorn from white to gold, you do! If you want to enjoy the peace and silence of St Mark’s Square, Venice in the early hours of the morning, you do!

As a professional travel writer, I frequently travel with my wife, but often we travel alone. It allows me to explore and discover cities and attractions that interest me. My wife Ros, has travel interests of her own. I have a particular interest in rail travel and on a recent visit to England, traveled to York to explore the famous railway museum. She has no interest in “old trains”, so she spent the day in London, visiting museums, galleries and, surprise, surprise, shopping!


Lonely Planet offers the following tips for women travelers:

Try to speak a few words of the local language.

Avoid flights that arrive late at night.

Explore the area where you are staying thoroughly by daylight. It’s important to have your bearings and know any parts to avoid.

If you’re taking a taxi, only use registered or government run ones. If you don’t know which they are, go to one of the upmarket hotel chains and get the staff to call one. Ask them how much you should expect to pay.

Spend a bit extra on a hotel in a decent area. The streets will be safer at night and there will be more security in the hotel.

If you get unwanted attention from men, don’t say you’ll meet them later to try and get rid of them. They will turn up. Say “no” politely and firmly.

Wear a wedding ring and say you’ve got seven kids, if anyone asks. Yes, you shouldn’t have to, but sometimes …

Top 10 Best OTC (Over-the-Counter) Allergy Medicines

Most people who are looking for allergy treatments are suffering from hay fever, which doctors call allergic rhinitis. Your nose itches and runs; you sneeze. Your nose may get congested. For some people, the itchiness is the worst. The congestion bothers others more than anything else. Your eyes may run and itch along with your nose. Or you might just have eye allergies.

 There are also skin allergies. Let’s say you are allergic to poison oak or poison ivy and you touch the plant. You will have an allergic reaction to it. Your skin will get red and itchy, or even worse.

Sometimes you need to see the doctor if you don’t know what is wrong with you or how serious it is.  If you know you have hay fever, you are in luck. Almost every kind of medicine used to treat hay fever is now available over the counter. Unfortunately, the over-the-counter medicines for eye allergies are not as effective, but there are some you can try. If your eyes really bother you, you can always try taking an antihistamine orally even if that is all the symptoms you have. The medicines available for skin allergy do help, but they are not as strong as prescription medications

 A lot of people with allergies also have asthma. There are absolutely no effective medications over-the-counter for asthma. Asthma can be serious. If you suspect you have asthma you need to see a doctor. Asthma causes trouble breathing – not from a clogged nose, but from the lungs. You may have a cough. You may make a sound when you breathe which is called wheezing. If you have any symptoms involving your breathing you must get medical treatment from a doctor.

You need to know that there is nothing special or different about inside as opposed to outside allergies. Some of the pharmaceutical companies run ads saying their medicine is better for indoor allergies than the other medication, or that it is better for outdoor allergies, or both. Your body does not know the difference. The allergic reaction is the same whether or not you are reacting to a cat inside or pollen outside.

You also need to know that the chemical that causes most of your symptoms is called histamine. When you react to something that you are allergic to, your cells release histamine, and then the itching and sneezing starts. Antihistamines stop histamine from bonding to certain cells. That prevents the cells from releasing a whole cascade of allergy-inducing chemicals.

So here are the top ten OTC medicines for allergy relief.

10. Crolom eye drops

These eye drops does not treat symptoms directly or immediately. The drops are used to prevent the allergies from happening. The medication stops cells in your eyes from releasing the chemicals that make them itch and run. So you have to use them on a daily basis, starting from before the time of year you usually get eye allergies. If you are already having symptoms, …

Tips For Planning The Perfect Kona Hawaii Vacation

Have you recently decided that you would like to vacation in Kona, located on the great Hawaiian Island of Big Island? If so and if this is your first time planning a Hawaiian vacation, you may be looking for some guidance. After all, many tourists want to make sure that their vacations are just how they imagined them to be.

The first step in planning the perfect Kona Hawaii vacation involves making all necessary travel arrangements. To do this first, it is important to have anticipated travel dates in mind. Once you know when you would like to travel to Hawaii and for how long, you can get started with making your travel plans. These travel plans should include your Hawaii airline reservations, car rental reservations, and your overnight accommodations.

Speaking of overnight accommodations, it is important to know that you have an unlimited number of options. Many Kona vacationers prefer staying in vacation rentals, as opposed to hotels and vacation resorts. You should consider doing the same. Whether you stay at a Kona vacation home, condo, apartment, cottage, or villa, you may enjoy many of the freedoms you gain access to, as well as many of the home like features. When examining Kona vacation rentals, including Kona vacation homes, be sure to closely examine rental features, rules and restrictions, as well as costs.

After travel arrangements have been made, vacationers, such as yourself, are encouraged to focus on activities. Ensuring that a vacation isn’t filled with one moment of boredom is the best way to have a great time. Hawaii, as well as Kona in particular, is filled with an unlimited number of activities that you and your traveling party are sure to enjoy. These activities, a few of which are highlighted below, are easy to research and examine with the use of the internet and Hawaii travel guides.

Adults visiting Kona Hawaii may enjoy a diving adventure. Scuba diving, as well as snorkeling, are two popular Hawaiian activities. For experienced divers, guided tours and rental stations are conveniently located along popular beach areas. Inexperienced divers can use their vacation as an opportunity to learn a new hobby. Diving companies, many of which provide lessons, are easy to find in Hawaii. For families vacationing together, Hawaii cruises should be examined. Kona is home to a number of day and dinner cruises, many of which are perfect for individuals of all ages. The cruises offered by Dolphin Discoveries come highly rated and recommended.

In addition to examining Kona Hawaii activities, it is also important to do the same with attractions. In many areas of Hawaii, including Kona, history is left intact. The best way to have the perfect vacation in Kona is to get out and experience the land, its history, and all that it has to offer. As with Hawaii activities, Kona attractions are easy to examine with the use of the internet or travel guides. To get you started, a few popular Kona Hawaii attractions that come highly …

Hotels In Hollywood

The Hollywood area of Los Angeles in recent years has come to rival the excitement found in Times Square New York. Every day thousands of tourists converge on this historic neighborhood to experience a taste of film and television history, excitement and glamour. Finding hotels in Hollywood, is a relatively easy experience with hotels on all the major streets and points of interest.

Hollywood Blvd is the main artery that runs through the historic area of Hollywood. Walk of Fame, Hollywood and Highland entertainment complex and the El Capitan theatre are all on Hollywood Blvd. Also on Hollywood Blvd is the Roosevelt Hotel. An older property going back to the 1920s, today’s Roosevelt Hotel is owned by the Thompson Hotel chain and is the scene of weekly Hollywood parties, celebrities and events. The Roosevelt hotel is across the street from the Hollywood and Highland media complex. A stretch of the Walk of Fame runs on the sidewalk that is connected to the Roosevelt Hotel.

The Hollywood and Highland media complex is home to the Kodak and Mann’s Graunman’s Chinese theatres. In the center of the Hollywood and Highland complex is the Renaissance Hotel. The hotel is an all white structure and towers over the entire center. Those with rooms on the south side will find views of all of Hollywood and Highland, Los Angeles and Downtown.  Walking out the front doors of the lobby guests will be in the heart of fountains, world class shopping, the subway with nonstop routes to Universal Studios and Downtown LA and hourly departures of tour buses bound for all parts of LA.

Running parallel to Hollywood Blvd and stretching behind the Hollywood and Highland complex is Franklin Avenue. Several family style budget hotels line this corridor and all provide easy access to the Hollywood and Highland Center. The Magic Castle Hotel is family friendly and is adjacent to the Magic Castle where every evening magic shows are performed on an invite only basis-although guests of the hotel are invited for free. The Magic Castle hotel is walking distance to the Hollywood and Highland Center and Walk of Stars. Running right off of Franklin is a tiny street called Orchid Drive that terminates into the back wall of the Hollywood and Highlands complex. On this street is the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel, Hollywood Liberty Suites and Hollywood Orchid Hotel. All of these properties are smaller, no larger than 2 story structures that house clean, efficient, smaller hotel rooms that are perfect for the backpack traveler or family. By being adjacent to the Hollywood and Highlands complex, guests are just steps away from all the excitement of tour buses, Walk of Fame and dining opportunities.

Another area in Hollywood with a high concentration of accommodations is the hotels on Highland Ave stretching north of Franklin. Per Journey Continent’s hotel guide,these hotels are more family oriented and it is not uncommon to see groups of families walking to and from this hotel stretch on Highland Ave from the …

Cheap Hotel Rates – Discount Luxury Hotels Booking

Here are some tips for choosing hotel or finding a good deal to book a room in luxury hotel or motel.When cleanliness is a factor in choosing a hotel room, you can’t let your decision be dictated by price, expensive does not necessarily mean clean. Instead, keep in mind the hotel’s reputation. Many booklets and travel guides will rate hotels based on several factors, one of these being cleanliness. If a hotel received five stars for food, but only one for leanliness, you’ll know that that hotel has great food, pieces of it just might be stuck inside the carpet strands of your hotel room floor.

Hotel Reservations – Cheap Hotels Rates Find Here

Sometime you can try an old Vegas trick is to book the cheapest room possible and then ask if you’re eligible for an upgrade when you approach the desk with ID, credit card and a $20 bill in hand. Tipping $20 should get you a better room if the hotel is not booked to capacity already.Unpack your clothes immediately when you arrive, use the drawers, closets and bed stand tables to organize your belongings and put the bags in the back of the closet so you don’t have to trip over them constantly. Square footage in a hotel room setting is minimal so utilize it to the fullest.

Now how do you find cheap hotel room, sure online reservations is best bet: you simply enter your information and you are done in five minutes flat. If you always want a room in some particular hotel then, making a reservation by phone is good , as it allows you to develop a relationship with the person to whom you are speaking. A phone reservation gives you the chance to turn on the charm, giving you a chance of getting a wonderful room. An actual conversation also gives you and the reservation taker a chance to find a commonality, which is the basis of a lot of relationships, relationships that can lead to upgrades. Perhaps you are flying in from New York or Las Vegas , which just happens to be the reservation taker’s home town. You never know when this could happen. It’s a small world, after all.

One of the oldest mantras in hotel business is simply that money talks. There is nothing that speaks louder than a good tipper. One of your best chances of being remembered is being remembered as a good tipper. Here is the best online resource to find Cheap Hotel Room Rates.

Travel Discounts – Find Cheap Hotels & Vacation Packages Here

Bahamas Vacation – An Ideal Way to Spend Holidays with Family!

If you are looking for a great family vacation this summer, then Bahamas vacation would be the ideal one to opt for. Not only you, but your kids would also love it. It has so much to offer to both the children and adults. Bahamas is an ideal holiday spot for vacationing with family and friends during summer or spring. Whatever be the season, Bahamas is flooded with plethora of fun and adventure offers for traveler and tourists from all the age groups.

Whether you are a retired couple who enjoy relaxing and spending quality time with each other in natural surrounding or bubbly teenager who wants to have ultimate adventure this spring, Bahamas has everything for everyone. Bahamas, ideally speaking Grand Bahamas Island is a group of about seven hundred islands and around two thousand cays. These groups of islands are surrounded by astoundingly beautiful barrier reefs which makes Bahamas an amazingly beautiful piece of earth amidst wide blue sea. If you are a nature enthusiast then you would love to explore and find out wonderful details of the world’s largest marine habitat at Bahamas.

To spend your Bahamas vacation in an ultimate fashion, it is better that you book your accommodation and transport in advance. First, it will spare you from last minutes hassles. Second, you will reach Bahamas comfortably and need not keep waiting for best accommodation facilities. There are several Bahamas discount packages available during peak holiday season. You can book one for your family in advance and enjoy your holidays with ease. You can look for all inclusive Bahamas vacation packages too which are far more reasonable and beneficial for family trips. These packages are affordable and cuts own the huge expenses that would have otherwise been invested into booking accommodations and transport facilities to and fro airport

Some of the enjoyable advantages that you can look forward to for your Bahamas vacation include:

1. Fine dining facilities, national and international cuisines, assorted wines and beverages, specialty delicacies
2. Spa and Beauty Salons
3. Indoor and outdoor Pools
4. Luxurious accommodations, budget hotels, five star hotels and resorts, comfortable and affordable private lodgings and bed and breakfast
5. Wonderful casinos and  discotheques
6. Sparkling  nightlife, beach side seafood and home brewed coffee
7. Water sports, kayaking, boating, rafting
8. Expeditions into the virgin forests, guided tours
9. Cruise trip and kids special cruise adventures
10. Busy and entertaining local markets

Bahamas vacation is suitable for romance holidays, school and college trips, research and naturalist projects, expeditions, camping, rock climbing, and cruise holidays. And, the nest bait about vacationing in Bahamas is that you will never be disappointed with its climate. Weather is moderate and friendly for all holiday seasons. This is the prime reason for Bahamas being one of the most favorite holiday spot all over the globe.

Children can also have their share of fun by attending circus school, scuba diving, swimming, boating, and trapeze artistry. Isn’t Bahamas ideal for kids, adults and aged …

Information on Mali Hotels

Mali Hotels

Mali is increasingly becoming a major destination spot for travelers with its popular festivals, extraordinary cultural activities and colorful marketplaces.

Accommodations range from two star to the deluxe hotels in Mali, which suits a variety of budgets. For a selection of hotels in Mali visit www.malihotels.us

Bamako, Mali’s capital and usual visitor starting point, offers an intricate blend of modern and traditional culture while maintaining an authentic African identity. Bamako hotels also reflect this. Le Grande Hotel in Bamako is a great value, offering wonderful services at reasonable prices.

Segou is one of Mali’s largest cities and the former colonial administrative center. Segou hotels, like Hotel Independence and Hotel Djoliba allow the traveler to have accommodations that are in close proximity to the village of Sekoro, the ancient capital of the Bambara Kingdom.

When touring Mali, many visitors like to make a stop in Djenne, an ancient city with characteristics of the middle ages. This is the site of the magnificent Grand Mosque, the largest mud-brick architecture in the world. Hotel Campement is one of the popular Djenne hotels to stay, which can be found on www.malihotels.us

Mopti, known as Mali’s Venice because of its location between the Bani and Niger Rivers enables the traveler to experience a fascinating mix of Malian cultures. Hotel Ambedjele is a Mopti hotel that is recognizable worldwide.

A journey to Mali is not complete without a visit to the Dogon Country with its astonishing knowledge of the solar system and the unique structures of the Dogon villages. Hotel Cheval Blanc is a Dogon hotel of choice for many.

Although regarded as a place faraway, legendary Timbuktu has accommodations available to the traveler. Hotel Colombe is a Timbuktu hotel to sojourn on this extraordinary excursion.

For more information on Mali hotels go to www.malihotels.us…

Top Ten Vacation Spots in America – Why Travel Abroad

Who doesn’t like a vacation?  A vacation is always a welcome respite from seemingly endless work, school semesters that seem to go on and on, and the same old boring routines and scenery.  A vacation, whether it is enjoyed alone or with family, offers everyone a time of relax and enjoy.  A main consideration and perhaps the primary consideration would be where to spend your vacation.  

With a million destinations to choose from anywhere in the world, it is always part of the fun to choose where you want to have your vacation.  If you’re clueless as to where you want your next vacation to happen, you the opinion of the majority should be a good barometer for you.  Here are the top ten vacation spots in America to hopefully to check where vacationers have gone to time and again, making these places tried, tested, and enjoyed

A list of the top ten vacation spots in America will not be complete without stating the number one obvious choice for most people – the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  The young, young at heart and families from all over the world come in droves to experience the rides, the attractions and the interaction with Mickey, Donald, and friends.  The next most popular destination is The Old Faithful Geyser of the Yellowstone National Park.

Spewing a spectacle every 76 minutes, this natural wonder is a crowd drawer and pleaser.  Other popular destinations include the city that never sleeps – New York City and its iconic Times Square.  Washington D.C. boasts of historically significant monuments.  Hollywood, California is home to the world’s most popular movie industry.  Boston and Philadelphia are bastions of academics, higher learning, and great museums.  Lastly, the Grand Canyon is always there to take your breath away.…

The best Colombia trips

Colombia is a land of much diversity and limited number of tourists. This is good news for anyone who likes travel for adventure and sightseeing. If you are traveling to Colombia and wonder what you must see, here are a few of the most sought after Colombia trips.


Bogotá is the capital of Colombia. It is a land rich with the imprints of time, in terms of architectural beauty and historical landmarks. It is definitely worth your while to visit the Capitol Municipal Palace. The old churches have a quaint charm of their own. Don’t forget to visit The Gold Museum and the Art Museum. After you have had your fill of the attractions on land, it is time to head down to Rio Negro for a spot of white water rafting. If water is not your favorite element, go trekking at the home of the El Dorado.


Romantic, beautiful, renowned, historical – that is Cartagena. The city is protected by UNESCO and is a marvel of sorts. If there is one thing to do here, it is to dunk yourself in a mud bath at the volcano. It is an unforgettable experience. Then, head down to the beautiful Rosario Islands to experience the unbelievable reefs and tropical life.

The Amazon trip:

This is one of the most attractive of all Colombian trips. Here is a rare chance to come face to face with the Colombia Amazon and its rich and variegated ecosystem. The forests, swamps and the jungles offer a wonderful opportunity to meet various species of monkeys, jaguars, otters and manatees, to name a few. There is a teeming bird population too. The Amacayacu National Park is a must see.


This is where the famous Tayrona National Park is, famed for long as one of the most beautiful spots in South America. The rain forests here are magnificent and a trek through the heart of some of these forests to reach the swimming beaches is an experience you will not forget in a hurry. For an out of the ordinary experience, try and spend the night in a fisherman’s cove.

The Culture tour:

Trips to Colombia are incomplete if you cannot taste the sheer diversity in the cultural landscape of Colombia. Bogotá is the hub of cultural diversity, covering some 33,000 hectares. It holds several reminders of a rich and colonial past. Of course, city bugs need not worry because you can easily find all the trappings of modern life here. While you are here, do not forget to visit the Archeological National Park in San Agustin. Locals may call it the Park of Stone Gods – and for good reason. Wonderful, life-sized aesthetically pleasing statues give you a peek into the beliefs and traditions of the past.

As you can see, Colombia trips offer you the unique opportunity to visit a wonderful place that is still pulsating with old traditions, abounding with natural beauty and filled with extreme diversities.…

Buy Poppers in Order to Enjoy Recreational Activities

Poppers have been a prescribed medication since years in countries like U.S.A, Europe etc. People buy poppers in order get immediate pleasures. Poppers are chemical compounds made up of alkyl nitrates. They are inhaled directly for recreation purposes. They are used as primary ingredients in various products like liquid aroma, video head cleaner and liquid incense.

Our body’s blood vessels are surrounded by some smooth muscles. The purpose of buy popper is to relax these smooth muscles whenever, an individual inhales the liquid. Due to relaxation of smooth muscles the blood pressure starts sinking, further leading to increased flow of blood into the blood vessels because the heart races to fill the empty space created in the blood vessels. As a result, this excessive flow of blood leads to increased sensation of touch and taste. They also act as catalyst for enhanced and extended sexual activities. These products are very much popular in discos and bars. Inhaling these scented solutions of poppers lead to better enjoyment of the sensational activities. But the effect of the scented aroma lasts only for3-5 minutes, so, users need to inhale the liquid after regular intervals of time.

However, there are no long term psychological or physical disorders related to the use of poppers, but excessive use of poppers can lead to severe headache or a little blackout. Moreover, physical contact with the liquid can lead to irritation or rashes on lips, cheeks or nose. Poppers are highly inflammable and must be kept away from cigarettes and lighters.

Though, there are many websites that sell scented aroma poppers but before purchasing one for yourself, make sure that you buy branded poppers. So, if you want to add all the more life to your parties and restaurants, then buy poppers for yourself and keep rocking all day and night.…