PIA Tickets and PIA Flights to Pakistan – Everything You Need to Know

Pakistan International Airlines, or PIA, has been around since 1955, around 8 years after the birth of the country itself. Considered as the national airlines of Pakistan, its existing airline fleet includes Airbus A 310s, as well as Boeing 737, 747 and 777s. PIA flight tickets to Pakistan can be easily found online and offline, depending on what you find most convenient.

There are various ways you can buy PIA tickets for PIA flights to Pakistan, such as travel agencies, toll-free numbers and the official website of the airline. The last option is probably the fastest, most convenient, and cheapest method available as of late. Naturally, you would need to have a personal computer at your house to do this, along with an internet connection, some literacy in computers and even a printer (though the printer isn’t really necessary since you can visit online cafes to print out whatever you need). The airline website also comes with various options for accommodation at hotels near places that PIA flies to, in case you need it.

Nowadays, a lot of airlines, along with the PIA, make fares that are available online much cheaper in order to bypass intermediaries in the form of travel agents, as well as directly get in touch with customers. Even though the fare happens to be just a little bit cheaper, the sales cost here would be reduced since the airline will not have to pay travel agents for any commissions. Therefore, ultimately, the airline costs will pretty much stay the same. However, sales will be much faster since there is no way anybody could make waitlisted bookings. Confirmed tickets and bookings will have to be bought right away via credit cards, otherwise the seats might not be available anymore if you choose to book at later dates or might not be available at certain prices anyway. Through direct airline liaison, customers will get direct access to airline inventories and hopefully have more accurate and reliable bookings that way. Upon reaching the actual airport, it would also be less likely to get told that the booking doesn’t exist or that the booking was cancelled because the travel agent forget to send the airline ticket numbers before the specified deadline, causing cancellations of any booking that was previously confirmed.

Other benefits are included if you choose to access the website of the PIA for your PIA tickets to Pakistan. You can avail of earlier check-ins, so you won’t have to wait until you actually reach the airport before choosing your seat of choice. Instead, you can do this at PIA city offices, which can be found at various Pakistani cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi 3 days before your actual flight leaves. Naturally, because of security regulations, this option only exists to passengers that travel with hand baggage, but this could save you a lot of precious time after reaching the actual airport if you happen to be one of them. You will no longer have to wait for a boarding pass, either, because you will already have this issued beforehand, as well.