Pwc Cart

A new product for Personal Watercrafts and boats has recently come onto the market. It is called the beach rover, and makes it easy for you to get the watercraft in and out of the water.
The Beach rover lifts and loads Personal watercrafts up to 1,500 pounds from the water line. What makes this product so unique is that it has four-wheel drive, has effortless steering, and is gas powered. With the Beach Rover a single person can move heavy personal watercrafts or small boats out of the water!

Using Jet Ski’s, sea doo’s and other personal watercrafts has become a way of life for many of us. A vacation to our favorite lake would not be the same if we couldn’t get out on the lake on our jet ski or sea doo. In fact, it seems like these personal water crafts are taking over the lake. One problem that Personal WaterCraft owners have is getting them in and out of the water.

Until now there was not a product on the market that would make it easy to get a personal water craft in and out of the water and onto the shore. How many times have you hurt your back moving your personal water craft? How many people do you need to help launch or retrieve your personal watercraft? Do you have a number of scratches from your Sea Doo dragging through the sand? The Beach Rover is now on the market and there is nothing like it.

The Beach Rover will keep you from hurting your back when moving it off the beach, the Personal Watercraft Cart will keep the scratches off your Seo Doo and PWC so they will last longer and look better. Personal watercrafts have been on the market for many years now and we have seen a lot of different technology throughout the years. The PWC carts and lifts that had been on the market are like the Jet Ski’s that were initially invented many years ago. The Beach Rover is like the new technology that has made Jet Ski’s, Sea Doos and PWC so popular.

The Beach Rover comes in three different sizes for the different Personal Watercrafts that are on the market. The Beach Rover is made of stainless steel so it will never rust, and will stand up to the corrosiveness of saltwater. All models of the Beach Rover have specialized tired that are designed to handle “off road” terrain. It can maneuver over sandy hills, rocky beaches and grass (even beach grass!) to get your PWC or small boat to the water’s edge.