Soft Travel Bag VS Hard Travel Case

Do you travel frequently with your golf clubs? What is your budget for a golf travel bag? Do your golf trips mostly include air travel or auto travel? While looking to find the best golf travel bag for yourself, you should be asking yourself these types of questions before you go on your next golf trip or golf vacation.

A soft golf travel bag is typically made of a canvas type material and padded on the inside and they have a hard bottom to protect your golf bag. These type of bags have wheels to help golfers transport their gear from location to location.

Advantages to these bags include that you can also carry other golf gear. Many bags, such as the Izzo golf travel bags, have pockets within the bag that you can pack shoes, clothes or other golf accessories. In addition, an Izzo or a similar golf travel bag will break down for easy storage in your hotel room or at home while you are waiting to go on your next golf trip.

Some people do not think that these bags give you as much protection for the club heads as a hard case. In my experience, I have not found this to be true. I take my golf towel an weave it throughout the shafts to give some extra protection along with the padding. Again, I have never had a problem with a golf shaft breaking while on a golf trip. If you are not comfortable with this, then you can purchase a “stiff arm” accessory.

A golf hard case is as it sounds. It is a case that you place your golf bag and golf clubs into for their security and provides the highest amount of protection. Typically, with a hard case, you will not have extra space to pack clothes or golf accessories.

Since a hard golf travel case provides the most protection for your golf clubs, hard cases are a smart choice for the golfer who flies to the majority of your golf vacation spots. Often, airlines will cover any damage incurred when your clubs are in a hard golf case.

When it comes to storage at home or on the road, hard cases take up more room than other styles. The bulk of a hard golf case also makes it difficult to fit into the trunk of many rental cars. Hard golf cases might not make as much sense as hybrids or soft-covers if you do not fly to many of your golf vacations.