10 Important Things to Remember Before You Travel!

Before you travel overseas there are 10 important things to remember. After you have made all of the arrangements for your vacation or travel to some other country here is a list of what not to forget. This list is important for anyone preparing for a trip as the preparations can sometimes be a harrowing experience, so print out this list and put it on your refrigerator or someplace else conspicuous so you don’t forget anything.

10. Don’t forget your luggage. Take an extra piece of luggage for souvenirs of your trip. I do this by packing all of my luggage a little lighter so that when the trip is over I have an empty suitcase for my new treasures.

9. Pack some common over-the-counter medications such as; aspirin, diarrhea medicine, insect repellant, cold medicine, sunblock lotion, etc. Get a travel first aid kit to take with you. Like a boy scout Always be Prepared.

8. If you take medicine daily, include enough plus some extra in case of travel delays while overseas. Many countries won’t have the medicines you are accustomed to taking.

7. Check whether or not you need any sort of vaccinations for the countries you are going to be visiting, then get them if recommended. Very important for your health.

6. If you have pets make arrangements for them to be cared for while you are gone. We all love our pets, so don’t forget this one.

5. Take some extra cash which you should keep separate from your travelers checks. Enough to tide you over for a day or two, again in case you lose your travelers checks or you are robbed.

4. Make copies of your passport, travelers checks and any other important papers you may be taking with you. Very important in case your original papers are stolen.

3. Get Travel information and any maps you think you might need. In other countries it could be difficult to get the maps and information you might need.

2. Let people in your family or close friends know where you will be and when, leave them an itinerary. Very important in case of an emergency at home or if something happens to you on your trip.

1. Get your Travel Medical Insurance from the links below. Never buy your Travel Insurance from the company you made your travel plans with.

If you follow these simple 10 things to not forget you will have a smoother vacation or trip and thus will much more worry free vacation. You can find out how to get your travel insurance on-line at http://www.globaltravelcoverage.com or contact the agent there using their contact form.

Thank you for your time and I hope you read more of my articles in the future.…

Best Websites to Book Discount Hotels in Europe

Hotels in Europe can be quite pricey especially in certain countries like France and the United Kingdom. That said, finding discount hotels in Europe is absolutely attainable especially if you know which Internet based travel companies offers the best room rates. The key to finding discount hotels in Europe is to look for a Internet based hotel reservation company based in Europe.

The first mistake travelers make is not booking their hotels through a company that does not specialize in any specific regional hotel market but rather a global hotel market. It is essential that you stick with a hotels’ only travel agency instead of a company that sells plane tickets, insurances, car rentals and many other travel related incidentals.

Local hotel reservation agencies in Europe are able to provide travelers with a much wider selection of hotel options and most importantly price ranges for all budgets. The reason why they are able to provide better hotel rates than the hotel itself is because they act as room wholesalers who receive a block of rooms at deep discounts offered to them by the hotels they represent.

Sometimes hotel accommodations throughout Europe need to fulfill a room quota to meet monthly costs. Whenever they know they will be coming short of that quota they will then issue a block of rooms with flash sales to hotel agencies. These agencies are much more easier to be found on the Internet by travelers and whenever they make a booking they will receive a part of the discount.

Now one of the best hotel agencies for booking hotels in Europe is Booking.com and you’ve probably heard of them before since they are a very big hotel agency. But the reason why I recommend them is because they have offices located all over Europe with a main office in the Netherlands.

Another company that is offering really good discount rooms in Europe is Agoda.com. Recently I have been recommending them for hotels in Asia only but for the past few years I have been getting a lot of feedback that their hotel rates for Europe now are very competitive.

Both companies are very reliable and each are partnered with over 85,000 hotels throughout Europe which is a whole lot more than companies like Travelocity, Hotwire and even Orbitz.

Europe based online hotel agencies are the way to go, whether you need a 2 star hotel in Brussels or a 5 star suite in London at last minute hotel rates makes sure to book local and you will get the best prices possible.…

Bishop CA

Bishop, California is a scenic city in the central part of the state near the Nevada border. With a population of about 3,500 residents, it is the largest city in Inyo County. It is located in the Owens Valley at an elevation of 4,147 feet, at the eastern base of the towering Sierra Nevada Mountains. Bishop has a beautiful setting as the majestic mountains to the west rise nearly 10,000 feet above the city. The Bishop area has one of the largest topographical prominences in the continental United States. Bishop is an extremely popular spot for recreation and serves a gateway for hiking, rock-climbing, skiing, hunting and fishing. The Owens River flows through the eastern edge of the city and is well known for fly-fishing.

Bishop is the largest city in the remote Owens Valley Region. It is located 266 miles north of Los Angeles, and 270 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. It has an attractive downtown with a variety of restaurant, shops, and numerous lodging options. It is located 42 miles southeast of Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, which is one of California’s most popular ski destinations. Bishop is on U.S. Highway 395, which is the route between Mammoth Mountain and Southern California. Yosemite, King’s Canyon, Sequoia, and Death Valley National Parks are all within a two-hour drive.

Bishop is host to two large events each year: Mule Days Celebration, which is on Memorial Day Weekend, and the Tri-County Fair, for Inyo, Alpine, and Mono Counties, which is on Labor Day Weekend. During a busy day, the City of Bishop will attract in excess of 30,000 visitors for various events and recreation. Bishop is a great place to visit or live!

Get more information and plan your visit to the Bishop area at http://www.bishopca.net…

Recreational Programs and Their Benefits to Teenagers

The need for recreation is what every teen wants. There are many reasons for this. Some teens are exhausted from doing their home works and school reports and they need to regenerate themselves. Others are just too bored in their homes and have to go outside. While others just need to relax.
There are many types of recreation programs that are available. What the teens should do is gather more information about them and decide which best fits them. Among the factors they will consider are the cost of registration if they are paid program, the duration of the programs and whether they have available time, the profile of the other participants and whether it is safe to them. Examples of these programs are summer youth camps, religious camps and tradecrafts.
Summer youth camps are held in almost every country. Some are focused on swimming, survival chores, horse back riding and others aimed to teach skills while incorporating fun and games. Different churches are also holding religious camps to forge stronger relationships among their brethrens.
A summer youth camp provides various adventures and learning experiences for the teenagers. Swimming camps teach swimming lessons, kayaking, basic fishing skills and water rescue. Wilderness camps are focused on camping and survival skills. Knot tying and how to look for food to eat are taught. Other camps are teaching horse back riding, taming the horses, and who knows, could be a starting point to becoming competing horse riders and jockeys.
In the case of religious camps, various churches are sponsoring them. But if you believe they are purely worship services, you are wrong. Like any other youth camps, religious camps incorporate fun and games in their activities. They have a unique way of helping the teenagers enjoy themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.
If the teen wants to learn crafts and skills, there are programs conducted by both the private and public sectors. Some needs an enrolment fee to cover handouts and materials, while others are totally free. In most cases, home based business opportunities are provided for those who are serious to make a living. You can contact your local government office, or check your directory of non-government organizations that offer these kinds of programs.
For those teenagers that just want to read, many book clubs are available at affordable rates. You just enroll, pay a small penny for book rentals, or have your books exchanged and bring the club’s books home, in this case, you have nothing to spare.
Other teens want ball games as their means of recreation. Lessons in playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, baseball and other popular sports are conducted regularly. Food and health companies are also supporting sports clinics and similar activities.
Recreational programs are very important because it help the teens avoid drugs and other forms of vices. All sectors of the society must help to extend these recreational programs that the teens want to make them useful citizens of this country. …

California Resort Has Mexican Beach Feel

For those who’ve tried them, Mexican beach resorts are among the most relaxing vacations or getaways one can imagine  long stretches of beach, palm trees, a cerveza or margarita never far from one’s grasp. It’s easy to drift along like some white fluffy cloud with your only worry being when the next drink server will come along.

But not many folks can afford to do this very often.Today’s air fare is a little higher than in past years so these aren’t exactly cheap vacations. And it’s hardly worth going to Mexico unless you can stay a week — who has a week anymore to just sit and do nothing?

The answer is to find a similar resort that’s a little closer and, when you eliminate your airfare, a little cheaper. You need to find someplace where you can just hop in your car and drive a few hours, stay two or three days, and get back home just as refreshed as if you’d been to the Mexican Riviera.

You need to check out the Embassy Suites Hotel Mandalay Beach Resort in, of all places, Oxnard, California. This is a California vacation that feels like you’re in the heart of Mexico.

Before we visited the Mandalay Beach Resort, my only recollection of Oxnard was a time when I was 19 years old driving through California with a buddy, eating cans of tuna fish to save money and looking for a place to crash that was just as cheap as cheap could get. We found just such a place in Oxnard, but were too scared of our surroundings to get to sleep.

Fast forward to Oxnard of the New Millennium and, while its tourism infrastructure is not quite complete, the area is fast becoming a popular destination for people who enjoy California beach vacations. About an hour’s drive northwest of Los Angeles, the area is close enough to major population areas to be accessible, yet undeveloped enough to feel like you’re really getting away from the rat race.

Positioned on some of the best real estate in the Oxnard area, the Mandalay Beach Resort is everything that the Oxnard visitor industry wants to be  it’s a waterfront playground that has style, lots of amenities, plenty of wide-open spaces and a wide beach that stretches for miles. And, yes, it has plenty of Mexican beer and margaritas.

Traveling Highway 101 northwest from Los Angeles, you’d never imagine that this resort area was just a few miles off the freeway. The urban sprawl along the freeway is not particularly attractive and most people headed north know that an especially spectacular beachside city of Santa Barbara is just another half hour ahead. So it’s no wonder that people just don’t think of Oxnard when they think vacation paradise.

But if you take the Victoria Avenue exit and travel across several miles of agricultural fields, you will come to the Mandalay Beach area, one of many beaches along this part of the coast. The …

Prices For Disney World Vacations – Economical Budget Travel to Disney

Disney vacation is a very popular choice of vacation especially for families with children. While this vacation has a great deal of fun for families and friends, it can be hard on your wallet if there is no proper planning on your budget. Budget travel does not mean your vacation will be second class and less enjoyable. It is wise to know that there is always better alternative before you embark on a Disney vacation.

Here are some actionable tips that will help you to analyze prices for Disney World vacations so that you can save on extra dollars:

– Airfare
The most expensive part of your Disney vacation is probably the airfare. When planning your budget, you should know that airfares to Orlando are the cheapest from mid-January until February and September through October. You may also search online for the cheapest possible amount on airfares.

The Disney resorts offer free roundtrip transportation from the airport. This is something you can take advantage of for your budget travel. In addition, guests on budget travel can make use of Disney buses, ferries and the monorail system when visit theme and water parks, and Downtown Disney.

There are numerous choices when come to lodging. Choose an accommodation that is suitable for your budget travel. There are available resort and campground facilities that can go as low as $41 a night. For your budget travel, you can also take pleasure to travel during the seasons when Disney has what it calls the Value Rates. These offer rooms for rates as cheap as $82 a night. Meanwhile, rooms at moderate resorts start at $145. If you are able to get stay at Disney premises and being treated to extra hours with Disney wonders, you are indeed making the most out of you budget travel.

If you are on budget travel, you may also want to consider the various Disney vacation packages. Pick a good deal that meet your budget.

– Downtown Disney

If you are a parent on budget travel, you can consider bringing your kids to Disney Marketplace in Downtown Disney for authentic Disney visual cuisine without incurring too high a cost. The shopping mall offers shopping, entertainment and hands-on activities for kids in one place at reasonable rates. Your budget travel will take a more interesting turn as you stroll through Downtown Disney where you watch resort boats, shop, look at sculptures and animation cells on display

Budget travel does not have to mean lower class. A well-planned budget Disney vacation can be just as enjoyable for families and friends. It is always wise to analyze the prices of Disney World vacations so that you will not rack up a huge debt after your trip.…

Get Paid to Travel the World and Start Today

Do you want to get paid to travel the world?

For some, it can be quite hard to imagine but some already live this lifestyle.

Getting paid to travel is great for people who are passionate about traveling. Seeing other cities and experiencing other cultures can make life very meaningful.

This may seem like a dream for most but in reality, there are a lot of jobs that pay for your travels and accommodations. You won’t have to take money out of your pockets but you do need to be passionate about traveling.

Obviously, most travel jobs are in tourism industry. Travel is almost synonymous to tourism. Lots of tourists mean lots of travel job opportunities and tourism is an ever growing industry.

Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise vacation tours are commonly favored by lots of rich vacationers. The trip is fun and the service is superb. This industry hires a lot of people from different fields to work on cruise ships as part of a synergistic organization. Jobs may vary from the very basic blue collar jobs to the most skill oriented type of jobs to highly professional jobs.

Bartenders, engineers, bellhops, accountants, musicians and teachers all have a place in Cruise ships. It is a floating, traveling city and it needs employees to make it run.

If you have these kinds of skills, you might try your luck with a cruise line job.

Tour Escort

If you know a lot of stuff about a particular location, you can escort groups of travelers there. You will meet lots of interesting people while giving them an exciting and worthwhile vacation experience. You lead and educate them while enjoying the trip yourself.

You can work with an agency or you can work as a contractor or freelancer. You can also get tips and referrals from satisfied customers. Organizational and people skills are vital in this line of work.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants travel the world as part of their jobs. They can have a few hours for visiting destination cities. Some may even stay for days depending on circumstances.

Though airlines have strict requirements including age, training and education, the job is fun and the pay is great.

Some jobs are not directly associated with tourism but rather to public interest and arts. Jobs such as travel writing and travel blogging are examples of these.

Travel Writing

Travel writers write about their experiences about their journey. They also write their opinions about different places and cultures. Publishing media outlets may take interest in their work and in some cases publishers may buy the articles or hire the travel writer to write regularly for them. Travel expenses are sometimes paid by these companies in this situation.

Travel writing can be quite difficult to break into but with great writing skills you can create interesting articles.

Travel Blogging

Travel Blogging is almost the same thing as travel writing but the medium is the Internet and the audience is reached online. The essence of the …

Downtown Accommodation in Boston Hotels

Finding accommodation for Boston Hotels is really very easy. If you are planning a trip to this historic home of Harvard University, there are many Boston hotels that offer luxurious, medium, and budget accommodations. The Boston hotels that you wish to stay in will obviously be dictated by your budget, and as this is a university city, there are hotels that cater for students, professors, parents, and tourists. Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts and is one of the major cultural centers of New England.

Although there are not a huge amount of Boston hotels, there are more than enough hotels in Boston to cater for the needs of the traveler during any season of the year. This city has a rich history and there are several museums, very good restaurants and many other sights to be seen. Travelers are able to reach the Hub in Boston from Philadelphia, Washington DC, and New York by high speed train and low cost bus lines.

Boston Hotels in Downtown Boston

It makes sense if you are travelling to this city that you would want to stay in a Boston hotel. Amongst the popular downtown Boston hotels you will find the Hyatt Regency, which is situated one block away from the Boston Common, a great tourist attraction; the Seaport Hotel, which is situated close to the World Trade Center on the Boston Harbor; the Comfort Inn, close to Logan Airport and the Nine Zero Hotel at the very center of downtown Boston. This list of Boston hotels does not encompass all of the Hotels in Boston, but they do provide great accommodation that allows easy access to the New England Aquarium, a major attraction of this city, in addition to other entertainment and attractions, such as bars and restaurants.

The city of Boston is considered a melting pot of cultures and lifestyles, an intellectual haven, and a very influential American city. It is also known as one of the richest cities in the US. This does not mean that hotels in Boston are the most expensive in the US, if you are on a budget, cheap Boston hotels, hostels and other forms of accommodation are also available.

Boston Hotels for reasonable costs

Bearing in mind all the attractions that the city of Boston has to offer, staying in a Boston hotel does not have to be a bank breaking experience. Reasonably priced hotels in Boston may be found close to the center of its nightlife, and these afford the traveler the opportunity to discover many exciting things to do for next to nothing. It is not surprising that this city is known as the “Athens of America”. Taking a stroll down the cobbled streets of Quincy Market is free of cost, and there are fabulous bakeries, restaurants, and boutiques in the market. This attraction can keep the traveler entertained for an entire day. Visiting historic buildings is another attraction that is cheap and entertaining; as Boston is not a very large city, …

7 Fun Travel Jobs: Travel Jobs You’ll Love!

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel, get paid, and have fun while doing it? Have you ever wondered what jobs would do just that?

There are pleasant travel jobs and there are FUN travel jobs. The distinction of fun travel jobs is subjective but fun jobs have the elements of worthwhile experience, non-monotonous activities, and wonderful indulgences. Here are a few types of travel jobs have those elements:

1.Luxury Hotel Inspector

Living a suite life is a sweet life! If you are a Luxury hotel inspector then you are one lucky son of a gun. You get to sleep on the most comfortable beds and eat the most delectable cuisines.

Hotel inspectors are naturally pampered by the hotel administration for good reason. Hotel managers put their best foot forward to these inspectors hoping to get on their better side. Surely, they want good reviews for better business.

As a result, Luxury Hotel inspectors get full amenities. From expansive pools to fully functional gyms! It’s living like a king except you get to have many different palaces in just a few months time.

2.Food and Restaurant Critic

If you like food and dining then this job is just heaven. You simply go to different restaurants in different places that require your approval, eat their specialties and boss everyone around.

Food critics are VIPs in the restaurant world. And VIPs get all the perks. If you are one, you get to be a royalty for a few hours. Then, you get to do it again in a few days.

3.Musical Performer

Playing music in different bars and in different party spots, stage musicians meet gorgeous people, hang with them, and drink the all the booze they can. It is a hedonistic paradise for those who like to live the rock ‘n’ roll life!

4.Medical Volunteer

If you are the helpful type, this is the job for you. You travel the world seeking for the sickest people on earth who are not capable helping themselves. You will learn about different cultures and you are greatly revered by the people you aid. There’s no better feeling than helping someone who can’t help themselves.

5.Professional Public Speaker

Speak in front of a crowd for a few hours while staying in posh hotels all over the world.

For experienced and reputable professional speakers, the job is short and easy, the pay is great, and the bonuses are just superb.

Imagine staying in a luxury hotel with people that recognize and admire you. You are a celebrity in their eyes and they tend to shower you with treats. Surely, you won’t complain.

6.Adventure Film Maker

If you are an adrenaline junkie why not document all your exploits. You can sell them to different outlets online and on television. Who knows, you may even become a star.

Established adventure film makers go to different locations to stage their next adventure with full financial backing. They get their adrenaline fix and a nice paycheck as well.

7.Travel Writer

If …

Los Angeles’ Famous Landmarks

Los Angeles is famous for many things, the biggest probably being its position as a hub for film and television production. Packed with television and film studios, LA is a city that oozes charm and excitement. It’s also the home to thousands of the world’s most famous celebrities – meaning you could be in for a treat if you happen to stumble into a well-known face when taking a stroll along the street.

There are plenty of other aspects to Los Angeles that cannot be ignored while on holiday, though. The city, as expansive as it is, is packed with various famous landmarks, many of which are well worth a visit. The best known of these is likely to be the Hollywood Sign, which resides on the face of the Hollywood Hills in Mount Lee. Built from 50 foot high letters, the sign originally said Hollywoodland and was created to advertise a new housing development being built in the area. In the advent of American cinema, the sign became iconic and so was left up, with the ‘land’ segment being removed in 1949. A symbol of the American movie industry, the sign is well worth a visit.

Sports fans will be interested to visit the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which has played host to the Olympic Games twice – the only stadium in the world to have done so. Due to this accolade, it is also the only Olympic stadium that has held several Super Bowls and World Series events, and now enjoys the status of being a National Historic Landmark. Taking in a game of American football at this stadium is a sight to remember.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is an intricately designed concert hall where you can take in some of the most breathtaking orchestral displays. Seating over 2,000 people, the concert hall is huge – but it’s the exterior of the building that fascinates most. With sweeping designs that capture the very cutting edge of modernity, this concert hall makes way for many excellent photo opportunities.

Of course, there’s plenty more to see in Los Angeles and it’s more than worth spending your time planning a travel itinerary before you head out exploring. As well as the above, you’ve got Chinatown, the Griffith Observatory, the Gerry Center, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and Hollywood Boulevard to squeeze in – so you can enjoy having a full day planned from the moment you wake up in one of the many Los Angeles hotels.…