The Difference Between Serviced Apartments and Hotels

Hotels have traditionally been the first port of call for most companies when doing business in another city. They provide a place for employees to rest and often a city-centre base from which to go out and perform whatever working duties are required. But what are the alternatives? Is there anything that can offer the same comfort and convenience but with a more homely atmosphere? Well, serviced apartments could well provide the solution.

When doing regular business trips between major cities, going from hotel room to hotel room can be a draining experience. Aside from the very best and very worst examples, there’s an inherent uniformity to the layout, style and atmosphere of almost any hotel. With serviced apartments, every place is unique. There are additional facilities at your disposal, including extra living areas and even kitchens, which all go together to make them a real home away from home.

The popularity of these serviced apartments has increased exponentially in recent years, with companies and individual travellers becoming far more aware of their benefits. Whether in London, Liverpool, Manchester or Birmingham, there are plenty of places available catering for varying individual requirements, budgets and city locations.

They can be particularly useful when staying in large groups or over an extended period of time. If there are a number of delegates from a company or even a gathering of friends needing to stay overnight in a city, then a serviced apartment can provide a great focal point and also really help to cut down living costs. If you know you’re going to be in one location for a reasonable duration, apartments can also be a fantastic chance for you to have a homely base from which to work from.

Serviced apartments cover the full spectrum of modern accommodation. You can find basic, affordable options just as easily as you can a sophisticated luxury pad. So whatever your budget and personal taste, you shouldn’t be short of options when it comes to choosing a property.

As with any hotel, serviced apartments tend to be available on a day-to-day basis; giving you the freedom to stay as long as you need. This managed service is often regulated by a travel broker, just as with booking a hotel. Many of these companies have built a wide-ranging portfolio of accommodation options to fulfil the vast majority of customer’s needs. In turn, this ensures better service, increased competition and a standard quality code to meet with your expectations.

As they are serviced, all apartments are kept clean and have maintenance available to deal with any issues. This cost is ordinarily tied in with the rental price, ensuring you don’t get any nasty surprises down the line. So in many respects these apartments aren’t a million miles away from what you can expect from a hotel, certainly in terms of service, but the facilities and other associated benefits give them a whole new dynamic.

So if you’re off to a major city, be it Manchester, Birmingham, London or Liverpool, and fancy trying something new in terms of your accommodation, then why not give serviced apartments a go? You can be right at the heart of things with a comfortable base from which to go about your business. Offering great facilities across a wide range of properties, it’s a versatile industry that is really on the move.