Things To Know Before Traveling To The Philippines

Are you about to travel to one of the world’s most beautiful countries in the world – the Philippines? Are you in search of some tips as to what to see there and what activities there are to do? Then you have come to the right place. Some tips that you may want to consider are:

You will encounter two different types of climatic conditions there depending on the time of year.

Generally, it is from March to mid November that the Philippines are very warm – around about mid to high 30 degrees centigrade in daytime. Hence light clothing is to  be preferred. And if your destination is some remote area or a forest, then an insect repellent and a water container as well as a map will prove to be effective if not a necessity. Also, wear comfortable footwear, as you may end up walking a lot.

If you are using public transport – buses and taxis – then do carry loose change around to make things more convenient. If you wish to travel with your own car, then understand that some cities follow various driving rules (number coding ordinance).

Adopting new customs, traditions and culture will hopefully be a refreshing experience, so try to visit during major events, celebrations and festivals which is a great time to be introduced to traditions and cultures of the country.

For many services, tipping may be expected, so keep in mind that it should be 10{bb248b365451375cae95cbd497b3c598d5b16f8829e7d6139daa8093dca7be13} of your entire bill.

Every city is proud of its different cuisines, so now is your chance to enjoy the delightful tastes. I’ve heard that Filipino food is not to be missed, and indeed, this is true. So do not be afraid to put on some extra pounds in weight just so you can indulge that bit more.

English is commonly spoken in Philippines due to the US occupation after the Second World War so language may not pose much problem for most. Otherwise its Tagalog and Spanish is still fairly common too. Spanish was the main language for over 300 years.

Before buying anything at the market or at smaller shops, make sure that you look around for the price of same product/thing at different stalls. Haggling over prices are to be expected so go ahead, don’t be shy.