Top Fishing Destinations in Southern California

When planning your next fishing vacation, don’t overlook southern California as a destination. California RV camping resorts are located near some of the world’s best fishing holes, particularly if your aim is to hook a record-weight fish. Fishermen often converge in Texas and Florida for their big game, but some of the top fishing experts expect the next record-breaking fish to come out of California. Even if you don’t catch that Guinness Book winner, the sheer amount of good fishing spots coupled with the sizeable catches that often come out of their waters makes southern California an unbeatable fishing destination.

The best lakes are sprinkled throughout the area and RV camping provides the mobility to explore them all. Instead of setting up and taking down an entire campsite day after day to move onto to the next great place to cast your reel, all you need to do is hook up and unhook the RV to vary your fishing adventures. Better yet, you can cook that great catch in the comfort of a real kitchenette and eat it at a dining room table. RV camping provides a modern way to enjoy your rustic pursuits.

Top fishing destinations in southern California include a lot of freshwater lakes that are often stocked with fish throughout the year. Diamond Valley Lake is enormous and great for picking up Bass and Trout. Lake Dixon provides a great stomping ground to hook Bass and Lake Hodges is an excellent spot for Large-Mouth Bass, Catfish and Crappie. However, when visiting these lakes, bear in mind that they double as sources for drinking water for the surrounding communities. As such, action on these lakes tends to be heavily regulated, so be sure that the type of boat you are using is allowed on the lake. Also be sure to note any size or number limits that have been placed on catches.

If it’s Trout you are aiming to catch, the host of rivers and streams all around southern California are teeming with them. The Santa Ana River and Bear Creek are full of Wild Rainbow and Brown Trout, and although these fish will not be record-breakers, the area is a fantastic, quiet place to unwind. The many So-Cal lakes that are regularly stocked might be oozing with fellow anglers on any given day, but heading up to this spot will provide you with the seclusion that helps you truly unwind.