Traveling Through South America by Car

You want to travel to South America but you are worried about means of transportation when you get there. What do you do? Well, you have several options: you can choose to figure it out when you get there and travel by bus, train, shuttle, etc., or you can rent a car. Most are nervous about traveling to a new country to begin with, and then they are faced with the problem of getting around when they arrive. Some consider it foolhardy to head to South America with no transportation plan, and to just improvise upon arrival. Others see no problem with it. Those who think that it is a risk they are not willing to take will want to know how to secure a rental car before arriving. They will also worry about the driving rules and regulations of South America, but this worry can be averted with a small amount of research. It is important to think ahead and set things up early so you do not run into problems when you arrive. Many underestimate the complexity of the process, and do not know what to do when they arrive. Most important, other than car rental, is awareness.  Driving in South America is not considered a particularly safe or easy task so being aware of the situation is a very big deal.

Renting a car is simple enough, as long as you choose to do it at the right time.  All you need to do is find a website which provides rental cars to travelers. Log on to the site and let them know when you need the car for and where you would like to pick it up. Of course, you will have to provide your information so they can hold it for you.  If you choose to search for a rental after arriving, it may be difficult to locate a place when you are not in an area you are familiar with.

Finally, make sure you are always switched on when traveling by car in South America. Many roads have been partly-destroyed or damaged, or are covered in hazardous obstacles which are usually natural but occasionally are man-made. Some parts of South America have man-made obstacles to slow drivers down but they are usually not marked which leaves them hard to see, especially at night. Driving at night is never recommended because you never know what to expect on the roads in an area you are not familiar with. Day driving should be limited not only because of the hazards that will be found all over the country but also because urban traffic can be heavy and chaotic.  Bearing in mind the points made above, having a car can still be more beneficial than relying on public transportation. As long as the rides are short then you will enjoy having the freedom to travel where you want when you want to.

Be sure to make it easy on yourself and book your rental ahead of time. Always be aware and careful when driving a rental car. Make sure to plan your route ahead of time and head straight to your destination. Driving around South America aimlessly is only going to lead to accidents!