Traverus Travel Invites You To A Verus Product Launch

Traverus Travel has had many milestones this year with their new life enhancing product line Verus, a better paying compensation plan and a new Travel and Lifestyle magazine. CEO David Manning will be sharing more about these great changes as well as more exciting changes in the works. Traverus Travel is inviting all their reps, customers and curious people to a Verus Product Launch near you.

The first Verus Product Launch took place on March 14, 2009 a Saturday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. in Orlando, FL. The event was held at The Florida Hotel and Conference Center. In attendance were David Manning, CEO and members of the Field Leadership Team; Mark Campese (National Sales Trainer), Dottie Smith, Melanie Milletics and Ty Jackson.

All attendees received a copy of the new Travel and Lifestyle magazine published by Traverus.  The magazine highlights leaders’ experiences, travel benefits, and the new life enhancing Verus product line. Attendees heard David Manning and other leaders speak about the changes that have recently taken place in Traverus and those on the horizon. Agents from all over the US, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas came to celebrate.

David Manning asked Rich Vicente(Las Vegas CEO of eTraverus), Paul Skulitz (National Executive from Venice, FL) and Danny Suarez (Leader of Hispanic market in Puerto Rico and FL) to join the Field Leadership Team. Danny Suarez will be working closely with Rich Vicente to translate the websites and presentations of eTraverus into Spanish.

The Travel and Lifestyle magazine will also be translated into Spanish, and a new edition will be published to spotlight Hispanic leaders. CEO David Manning and Traverus realize there is a huge market of Spanish speaking entrepreneurs as well as travelers and they are working to cater both to expand their market reach.

The event was video-recorded by Ty Jackson who will be taking the compiled footage and creating DVDs that will highlight the experience of the leaders during the transformation of Traverus. This will give those who were unable to attend the inside scoop and experience.

Another major change announced was by Rich Vicente of eTraverus (Traverus’s marketing system) who will be moving eTraverus ‘in house’ to the Traverus corporate offices in Plano, TX. This move will help the two entities to work closely together and fine tune the eTraverus marketing system. Some of the changes will be creating flash presentations for the new Verus product line as well as the new 3D compensation plan.

When David Manning showed attendees the new 3D compensation plan benefits many were amazed at how much more money they would be receiving. The larger payouts were made possible by Traverus integrating their new product line Verus.

The Verus line of products was unveiled for the first time. With the unveiling came a flood of testimonials from those who got to participate in the test market for the product line. The product line currently includes the following:

  • VERUS – Immune (supports immune health)

  • VERUS – Charge It! (restores alertness and focus)

  • VERUS- Cleanse (daily cleansing lotion)

  • VERUS – Mist (refreshes the skin)

  • VERUS – Gel Moisturizer (nourishing skin moisturizer)

  • VERUS – Flaunt it! (anti-aging serum)

  • VERUS – Weight Loss Daytime Formula

  • VERUS – Weight Loss Nighttime Formula

As a gift for attending the event each attendee was give one product by David Manning.

This event was the first of many to come. The Traverus Corporate Team will be flying across the US spreading the news through events letting all attendees get a closer look at Traverus Travel and the many changes.

Upcoming Verus Product Launch events will be held at the following locations:

Atlanta, Georgia
March 21, 2009
Saturday 8am-6pm
Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center
246 Perimeter Center Parkway NE
Atlanta, GA 30346

Los Angeles, California
March 28, 2009
Saturday 8am-6pm

Radisson Hotel at Los Angeles Airport
6225 W. Century Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90045

Pennsauken, New Jersey
April 3-4, 2009
Friday 7:30pm-9:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm

Savoy Caterers
1444 Route 73 North
Pennsauken, NJ 08110

To register for an event, contact Melanie Milletics of Traverus Travel at