Vacationing in North America

North American vacations are easily overlooked with the world so easy to access now.  It is easy to forget to see what is in our own backyard when every destination is at our fingertips with the ease of international travel.  If you consult with family and friends, you will discover that many of them have not experienced the glory of the Canadian Rockies or tasted a lobster supper while sitting beside the ocean it originated from.  According to Shuswap Vacations, Canada has so much to offer as a vacation spot.  The friendly people, the extreme natural beauty found in the landscape combined with the amazing wildlife and laid back atmosphere provide numerous vacation opportunities.

Our neighbors to the south in the United States an abundance tourist attractions available as well.  From the Grand Canyon in the desert of Arizona to the sandy beaches of Florida or the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway that stretches along California and Oregon coastline, there is a ton of different scenery and activities available for everyone.  Exciting cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Chicago and New York City offer all of the amenities, fine dining and shopping along with their individual sights to explore.

Mexico is another favorite North American destination among Canadians.  Its’ amazing weather, soft sandy beaches, fascinating culture and friendly people make it a spectacular vacation spot.  The Mayan Riviera is a new resort area that stretches beyond Cancun.  The gorgeous natural beauty of Los Cabos is a fun place to visit.  The cultural attractions of Mexico City are very interesting and the site and museums representing the ancient civilizations offer an exciting glimpse into the past.

When planning a vacation, it is best to decide what kind of holiday are you in the mood for?  If nature and adventure are in the cards, perhaps visiting the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba would be a great idea.  Relaxing in a northern hunting and fishing lodge and watching the Northern Lights dance overhead is another option.  Walt Disney World and Disneyland are a super choice if it is a family vacation you are after.  It is a must-see destination for every family.  The bright lights of Las Vegas provide various choices for first class entertainment, live concerts, big city fun and world-class accommodation.