West Coast Vacation

Destin West coast is the quintessential USA – without its usual cacophony. Known for its charismatic beaches and stunning deserts, which not only presents a soothing view but also rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Tours4fun provides you a unique opportunity to sample the very best of the west coast. The West Coast vacation includes California’s most well known cities – Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, visits to the stunning desert landscape of Arizona, home to the magnificent Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas, the 24-hour entertainment capital of the United States. Of course you will have California’s fabulous 17-mile joy trek thrown in!

Fun and activities comes as a part and parcel while holidaying at Destin San Francisco. Tours4fun provide you best deals to exult in the sparkling bay and its famous bridges. You get to watch the white fog fill the Golden Gate as the sunset lights up the windows across the bay, and prepare to leave your heart. Marvel at the sheer size of the skyscrapers of the Financial District, and experience the hustle and bustle of daily life in Chinatown. Head out of town and you’ll be treated to breathtaking countryside and beautiful beaches.

Los Angeles is full of fun, shopping, dining, and off course yummy food. Dubbed as one of the most entertaining city in the world, it is a thriving, multi-layered place filled with world-class everything: museums, music, food, architecture and gardens. Los Angeles pulsates to a rhythm all of its own. Home to Hollywood and Disneyland, the vibrancy of the place hits you like a bullet with a diamond tip. From the unattainable, anachronistic glamour of Beverly Hills to the vibrant street energy of the Venice Boardwalk, each of the city’s diverse neighborhoods is like a mini theme park, offering its own kind of unique adventure. Tours4fun packages it all for you at great prices. The motto is simple: Customers feel satisfied from start to finish.

While holidaying in Las Vegas, you watch the night turns into day under the glare of neon marquees. A walk in the pulsating city that never sleeps makes you take a break and exclaim: No words or photograph can do justice to the many wonders of America’s ‘Golden West’. A holiday is the only option. Trust Tours4fun.com for that!