When Hotels Ask Guests to Leave

Hoteliers have see it all, heard it all, and dealt with it all. It would be hard to find a hotel manager or owner who hasn’t had to ask a guest to leave due to bad habits or behavior. But what happens once you clear the hotel of the bad guest can you breathe that sigh of relief?

 If you’re smart, your hotel will have a process in place, and in use, for reporting the incident. It’s a litigious world we live in, and a strong policy, consistently enforced, can go a long way to avoiding or lessening any claims against the hotel.

  Any good process should include the following: written accounts of the date, time, and complaints. Include also any complaints filed by other guests, getting signed statements to ensure it’s not simply your word against the evicted guest. When evicting a guest, make sure hotel security is present. If you have no hotel security and you think the situation warrants it, contact local law enforcement to assist you in the eviction. Clearly explain to your guest the complaint and that your hotel policy requires you to ask that guest to leave. Remember to take precautions to ensure that guest’s safety and privacy. Do not evict a guest in front of other guests. Saving that guest public embarrassment goes a long way to lessening your hotel’s chances of being sued.

 Once the guest has been escorted off hotel property (and make sure the guest leaves the parking area, as well), file a detailed report of the incident with your board, senior management, or owner. Detail every step taken in the process.

 If you’re unclear what process you should use to handle guest evictions, contact your legal counsel and your hotel insurance broker for guidance on putting together a plan that reduces the risk of lawsuits while maintaining the integrity of your property.