Why Boutique Hotels are so Popular

Are you planning your next vacation or business trip? If you travel frequently, you probably have a favorite hotel chain that you stay at. However, have you considered staying at a boutique hotel? Boutique hotels make your stay more enjoyable by providing luxurious amenities and distinct features that most large national chains lack.

What is a Boutique Hotel?
A boutique hotel typically differentiates itself from a standard hotel by offering a more intimate, luxurious environment. In comparison to larger chain hotels and motels, boutique hotels offer personalized services and facilities. Boutique hotels also differentiate themselves by offering guestrooms that have their own distinct style and decor–and the rooms tend to be decorated with quality furniture and artwork.

– Tip: Boutique hotels are also known as “lifestyle hotels” as an industry term. The public typically uses the phrase “boutique hotels” or “boutique luxury hotels.”

Boutique hotels offer many amenities.

Amenities and Services offered by Boutique Hotels may include:
– On-site dining facilities
– Bars and lounges
– Wi-Fi Internet
– 24-hour hotel staff
– Pet-friendly services such as grooming and doggie treats
– Flat screened TVs
– Grocery shopping
– Spa services

For example, if you are looking at luxury boutique hotels in Chicago, you may discover that amenities such as 24-hour room service, laundry, private wine reserves, wireless high speed internet and rain showerheads are available.

Boutique Hotels Have a Contemporary Atmosphere:
Boutique hotels also offer a unique atmosphere not found in most hotel chains. Many boutique hotels have European décor and have an intimate, warm and contemporary atmosphere.

Boutique hotels may also have a variety or hotel room options. For example, if you are looking at New York luxury boutique hotels, you may find one that offers suites in designs such as Chalet, Zen, Luna or Marquis.

Boutique Hotels are Business Friendly:
If you are travelling on a business trip or planning a conference, planning your stay at a boutique hotel can be ideal.

Many boutique hotels have meeting rooms that can be arranged for receptions, presentations, social events or parties. Many also have event coordinators that can assist with event planning, catering and managing the event.

Boutique hotels also offer amenities that are essential to the business traveler, such as high speed internet access and a large desk for working. Other amenities and services to look for include a business center, secretarial services, valet parking, complementary newspapers, complimentary coffee throughout the day and access to a fax and copier.

Boutique Hotels on a Budget:
Are you concerned that staying at a boutique hotel will be out of your price range? If so, think again. You can find online hotel specials by researching the internet for hotel deals.

Boutique hotels may also have special offers on their website. For example, one New York City boutique hotel has offers a discount for AAA members and another gives guest 15{bb248b365451375cae95cbd497b3c598d5b16f8829e7d6139daa8093dca7be13} off their stay for booking in advance.

In summary, there are many benefits of booking your next stay at a boutique hotel.

Benefits of Boutique Hotels:
– Boutique hotels can be business friendly
– Boutique hotels can be affordable (tip: look for online hotel specials)
– Boutique hotels can be pet friendly
– Boutique hotels can have customizable hotel room options
– Boutique hotels provide a fresh, contemporary vibe

Next time you travel, consider a boutique hotel. You may be pleasantly surprised and never stay at another hotel chain again.